Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take Another Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden

We were on the go all day yesterday. It started out with my trip to The Glen to see my mom.  They were all decked out for the LSU game on her floor; they staff all had on LSU shirts and Mom's nurse, Fauna, was busy taping paw prints in purple and gold on resident's doors!  Luckily I'd had the presence of mind to bring Mom a new LSU t-shirt so we had her properly dressed for the day, too.

They were having a "tailgate party" for the residents and staff in the dining room with hot dogs and such in the afternoon which sounded like fun.  Fauna showed me a picture of the cake and it had "Geaux Tigers" on it!  About that time a resident came by on her scooter saying "Go North Carolina!"  Fauna game her an evil grin and tied purple and gold balloons to her scooter.  The lady made a face, pivoted her scooter and zoomed off down the hall, balloons flying behind her.

I left mom in the hands of her favorite aide and they went out to smoke.

Then Steve and I headed to Minden where sweet Milly Rose was hanging on to my cast iron tea kettle.  I saw some new treasures and will share some with you.  As soon as we walked into the shop, the dogs, Heidi and Rosalea came running up to greet us.  Milly was having a pretty good day with a steady stream of customers.

For some reason this time I was hung up on the jewelry cases and took lots of pictures of those:

That silver cross with the green stones caught my eye and I went back to it again and again.  Milly tried to deal with me all day on it but in the end I didn't leave with it.  I'm going to have to think about that one.  It's not something I'd normally wear; I don't wear much jewelry at all, but I liked it.

Here's another display case:

And one more jewelry item; I loved this piece:

You can't tell how really pretty it is in this picture; it's silver and those colored stones just sparkle like crazy in the light.  I kept wishing I knew someone to give it to.

She also had two very old, lovely men's pocket watches (still working!)  that might be that perfect Christmas gift if you know anyone in the market for one.  I didn't photograph them, however.

There were, of course, the normal crazy oddities that caught my eye, like I just cracked up over this mean looking piggy bank:

That expression on his face is great.

And how about these happy salt and pepper shakers?

Or this busy burro; he carries salt, pepper, oil and vinegar:

We ventured up to the third floor which is like your crazy aunt's attic, and that's where you'll find shelves and shelves of old books:

Dusty bicycles:

Furniture, and steamer trunks:

It gets hot up there, so we'll wait until it gets cooler before we do too much poking around up there; I'd love to comb through all those books, and no telling what's IN them.  The first one I picked up had an old greeting card tucked in it, and someone's forgotten packet of photo negatives.

We crept back down to the second floor and my eyes stopped on this cute stained glass topped bell for a moment:

...but I left it for someone else.  Bells aren't really my thing, but there are people that collect them.  Milly had a whole box of brass bells sitting on the floor near this one.

You into keys?  There are lots of those:

The table of random silver pieces caught my eye again this time and I'm still pondering this piece; I'm just not sure how much it will clean up:

I haven't bartered with Milly on this one yet, but if I did, she'd pull out a bottle of silver polish and we'd find out right then and there how it would clean up.  Maybe next time!

How about a brass pineapple?

Or a Flapper doll?

A fan?

Or the obligatory Elvis section?

Steve has his eye on this beer stein - the one with the pretzel handle:

I'm not sure what this fellow's original purpose was, but he's cast iron and he's funny:

And since The Teenager collects nutcrackers, I have my eye on this Tin Man one:

In the end, today, I left with my tea kettle, an old iron Coca-Cola bottle opener that screws to the cabinet or wall, an Iowa collectible spoon (I don't really collect spoons but Steve is from Iowa!) and a nifty pin Milly threw in as lagniappe!  Nobody leaves Milly's without a "little something extra."

We dashed home in time to eat at Nicky's Mexican restaurant and get on over to Code 3 for the LSU game.  Gawd, I see why we're ranked 21.  They tried really hard to give it away.  Luckily the clock ran out.

Have a happy Sunday and your FMJRA will be out shortly.

Oh, and by the way, Milly's shop, should you like to visit on your own, is at 509 Main St., in Minden, Louisiana.  If you go over, tell her I sent you!  She's got a website, too, but you'd do better to just call her (318-371-9830)  if you see something you want either in this post or my earlier one.  If you're looking for something in particular, give her a call; she's probably got it.  And she will always strike you a deal!


Sarah said...

I need to go to this place! LOVE LOVE LOVE the green cross.

BTW, I haven't gotten together what I wanted to send you yet b/c I can't decide which ones to send and haven't sat down at the computer for any length of time in a few days. I'll try to tonight or this afternoon, but again, no hurry at all on looking at them.

Thanks! Hope y'all are having a good weekend!

Charlene said...

Milly's shop looks fascinating. I love poking around places like that. The case of brooches reminded me of my grandmother who always wore one every day of the week.

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Counseling Services CA said...

Great collection dear

Lynn said...

The shop is a treasure trove for sure. Love the cross with the green stones; I'm not sure I could have left it although there is nothing in my wardrobe to go with it. The black fan is exactly like the one moved from room to room during WW II summer nights before air conditioning in Houston.

Great post and photos.