Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Night UPDATED

I'm watching Delaware - live results here.

Right now?  O'Donnell is up 952 to 733.  It's early.

The Other McCain is live on scene.

Update:  Moving right along...O'Donnell 3963 to Castle 3236.  That's with 14% reporting.

Update 7:36:  The site is SLOW loading now!  We've got O'Donnell 8104 and RINO Castle 6660 and that's with 26% reporting.

 Update 7:38:  Including absentee votes, the totals are now O'Donnell 9,280 and RINO  7855.  That's with 31% reporting.

Update 7:44:  With 47% reporting it's O'Donnell at 15,145 and RINO at 12,186.  Stacy is reporting cheers of "Go Christine Go!"  at headquarters.

Update 7:51:  With 65% reporting we now have O'Donnell at 21,422 and RINO at 17,993.

Update 7:58:  And now we have 75% reporting and O'Donnell has 24,686 and Castle has 21,349.

Update:  8:00 p.m.and Stacy calls the race:  O'Donnell with 54% and Castle with 46%.

Last Thoughts:  And now the pontificating can REALLY begin as to whether or not O'Donnell can win the general election or not.  Has Delaware now turned over the potential Senate majority all because of the Tea Party?!   Mary Katharine Ham "retweets" that DE has gone from "Strong Rep: to Strong Dem".   On the other hand, Michelle Malkin notes that

Nine-term, cap&tax, bailout buddy Soros Republican Mike Castle has been denied a Senate seat. Thank you, @ChristineOD.
So can O'Donnell win a Senate seat?  The way I see it, maybe Delaware Republicans did sacrifice "the Senate majority" for the sake of ideology, but honestly, putting Castle back up there is no different than having a Democrat in the seat regardless of the designation after his name.  If Delaware voters wanted to send a message, I believe they just did.

Latest tally:  With 322 of 325 precincts reporting, O'Donnell has 30,429 and Castle holds 26,912.

Now let's see if New York puts Rangel back in there.


Mike Thiac said...

please keep this up....best news I've had all day! :<)

Charlene said...

I think it's good news too. The more off the rails the GOP candidate the better the Dem's have to pick up a Senate seat.

G.R. said...

I like what Limbaugh had to say today about this race. He said what difference would it make if O'Donnell didn't win, if Castle had won and gone on to win in the general election it would be like putting a Democrat in office. Castle votes with the Democrats a majority of the time anyway.