Sunday, September 26, 2010

Five More Days...

...until Oktoberfest 2010 at Barksdale AFB!

Boston Herald's The Big Picture shares some fabulous photos from the Munich version:

(Lots of Rule 5 action in these pictures!)

I'm ordering a costume and am READY!!!

Be sure to check out the pictures linked here, and if you can come join us at BAFB on Friday I can promise you it will be tons of fun; not Munich, but tons of fun!!

More here.  (Yes, they have food at Oktoberfest.)

And, Oktoberfest Official Site.  Become a fan on Facebook.

Some pics from last year at BAFB here and from 2008.

Live webcam from this year's Oktoberfest in Munich.


Steve Burri said...

You're buying a costume to look like those girls in Munich?

Ya gotta post those pictures!

I was stationed in Stuttgart, (W.)Germany. The breweries there put on some great Oktoberfests, too. I would say they were memorable, but I actually have only partial memories of them!

Pat Austin Becker said...

YEP I did!!!!!

steve said...

The best part about Pat getting her "Bier Fraulein" costume is she'll have something to wear whenever I need for her to get me a beer out of the fridge.

Ein Bier bitte mein Liebste, Ich habe das Spaten!

Steve Burri said...


Please tell me you got that 'pretzel handled' beer stein that you were drooling over on an earlier trip to Second Hand Rose!

Pat could sashay out with that steinful and a frothy head!

Pat Austin Becker said...

Well aren't y'all just the cutest ...

...besides, if I had a frothy head of beer in a stein, you really think I'd give it away?!


Steve Burri said...

Oh, crud! Smacked in the face by reality again.

Steve said...


As a matter of fact I did buy the "pretzel " beirstein. And I am looking forward to her coming out kitchen wearing her little bierfraulien costume and saying, "Hier meine Schatzy."

If I can get away with it, there will be pictures.