Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mug Club

We finally got our Hangar 2 Club mugs and how better to initiate them than with Octoberfest! Mine has a P47 on it and the Army Air Corps logo to honor my dad. Steve's has both the Army and the Air Force logo as he served in both. Now our mugs will hang from the ceiling hooks at Hangar 2 and will be here whenever we need a refill!
All cheers steak night!


Steve Burri said...

Shreveport, LA: Notorious blogger Pat Austin was mugged inside the Hangar 2 Club last night. She became so disoriented that she expressed her masochistic pleasure from the ordeal and that she was hoping to get mugged again at the area Octoberfest next month.

Boy, ya think ya know somebody...

Pat Austin Becker said...

Bwahahahahahaaa! You Burri boys crack me up! LOVE you!

Octoberfest is actually on 10/1 this year and I'm sooooooooooooooooo ready. Good times.

But remember: "Being 'notorious' is not the same as being famous, but it's better than being anonymous."

Red said...

You'd think Octoberfest was your birthday you get so geared up for it ;-) Have a great time Pat!