Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Was Taped To My Classroom Door...

...this morning by former English students. I love my kids!


robot said...

I quoted the same thing to a couple of coworkers this morning. They didn't know what I was talking about. Your kids are lucky to have a good teacher. Have a great day, Pat!

I'm off to warn Caesar.

robot said...

Heh, The captcha says: "Please prove you're not a robot." If it only knew... lol

Andy said...

I thought that "Ides" happened over in April!

Guess I shoulda' payed mo' tensions to Mrs. Ramey, Miss Jaynes, Mrs. Johnson, and the extremely hot MS. Vlahakis when I was at BHS back in the stone age.

Pat...Imma give you some friendly (unasked for) advice about Blogger changes, comment subscription, and the new EXTREMELY SUCKY word verification deal.

Hell, I'll just e-mail it to you, because it makes a WAY boring comment.

BTW, good on your students for knowing that. And, GOOD ON YOU, because they do.

Pat Austin Becker said...


I haven't received your email yet but I hate that word verification. I took it off one night and within thirty minutes I had a mailbox full of spam.

And crazy spam it was!

I put the darned thing back on.

Jim said...

1. I just gave in to him Pat, it's easier than listening to him whine.
2. You have some great students!

Andy said...

Pat, I'm leavin' it all up to you...

You decide whacha wanna do...

But, CRUD, I forgot to e-mail it at you.

My word verification on this is rendocks egaely (I think).

The Globber is forcing us to change. Jim had the good sense to listen at my advice. Don't let him fool you by saying he gave in to "me."

In the inimitable words of Skandar Akbarr..."It's a con-spy-racy."