Monday, July 2, 2012

One More Chance

I'm sick to death of parsing the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling.  Did Roberts change his vote?  Jan Crawford's story is causing quite the uproar.  Did he have ulterior motives?  What were his true intentions?

I've swayed and wobbled since Thursday's ruling from feeling sick and nauseated to thinking he did us a favor in that certainly we will be able to defeat Obama in November because of this.  I mean, the only hope for the Republic now is to overturn this power grabbing, convoluted law.

At this point, whatever Roberts intended is beside the point.  Here we are.  I think Paul Ryan summed it up perfectly for me yesterday when he was speaking with George Stephanopoulos:
Look, this is the most important election in our lifetimes. This ruling -- and I guess this was John Roberts' thinking -- he raised the stakes of this election higher than it could have been raised. 
This election is a choice of two futures. Do you want a government-centered society in a government-driven economy and government-rationed health care? Or do you want the American opportunity society with a safety net, a free economy, economic freedom, personal liberty? That's what we want. That's the American idea. We have one more chance as a people to get that back, and that chance is going to come on November the 6th.
Whatever Chief Justice John Roberts was thinking, Paul Ryan is correct.  This is now the most important election in our lifetimes.

And Ryan is correct.  We have ONE more chance.  That's it.

To that end, it becomes critical that conservatives retake not only the White House but the Senate and hold the House.

Find out about those toss up Senate races and pick a candidate to support.  Send whatever contributions you can.  Real Clear Politics is a good place to start looking at the races.

One more chance.

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leelu said...

Thank you!!

It truly doesn't matter what Justice Roberts was thinking, or what anyone feels about the ruling - good, bad, or indifferent. I think of it as the "New American Revolution - the War of 2012".

Now or never.