Monday, July 2, 2012

The Runaway Slave: Coming to a Theater Near You

When I attended our very first local Tea Party rally in 2009 there was a spontaneous addition to the speaker program.  A local pastor, Rev. C. L. Bryant was there and as he was speaking with organizers before the program started, Royal Alexander was so impressed that he asked Bryant to speak to the crowd.  This is Bryant's spontaneous speech that day:

I knew then that Bryant would carry his message beyond our little Bossier City Tea Party.  C. L. Bryant is a former NAACP chapter president and formerly believed in the liberal viewpoint until he realized that many of those liberal policies are enslaving the black community to the government.  He has a powerful message.

He now has a documentary which will be released here in Shreveport July 6, 7, and 8 and Regal Cinema on Shed Road.  It's called The Runaway Slave and this is the trailer:

Find the movie near you and go see it.


Kartman said...

What an impressive speaker and I like the way he thinks. Maybe if people like him and Alan West could become the voice of black America instead of Jesse and Al the black community would do much better and we could indeed be a united country.

Mark said...

This will not be warmly received by the "community" or the pundocracy.

I hope he has some very tough skin. He's in for an avalanche of BS.

Kartman said...

Thanks for posting this, Pat.