Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Videos From Oktoberfest...

In an attempt to show you new Oktoberfest videos in a countdown until our own BAFB Oktoberfest, I've watched lots and lots of really, really bad videos!  The problem with making an Oktoberfest video, particularly in Munich, is that everyone is drunk.

I mentioned this to Steve last night.  When he came in I was sitting in front of the computer watching drunk people standing on tables in Munich singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and lamenting the fact that the videos are either eighteen seconds long, are blurry and jerky, or incoherent closeups of drunk friends.

Me:  "Everyone is drunk!  I can't find a good video!"

Steve:  "Welllllllll DUUUHHHHHH!!"

Okay.  Point taken.  If you look long enough you can find some good ones.  I really liked the Spaten video I posted this morning.  You could see the food as well as the beer!

This is the llloooonnnnnggggeeesssstttttt week!  Isn't it Friday yet?  I'm READY!

Oktoberfest Experience from Topdeck Travel on Vimeo.

(Reuters photo)

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Steve said...

When I was in the Air Force I had the pleasure of being the "victim" of the debauchery at Oktoberfest in Munich, and I would love to one day making myself vulnerable again and take Pat along with me.