Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Birthday Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden, La.

We're back from our latest excavation of Second Hand Rose!  Fun day and we brought home the goodies!  Milly was home today, under the weather, but "Mr. Milly" was there and I see why they're such a good match!  He's as entertaining a story teller as she is!  When Milly is there, her Boston Terriers Heidi and Rosalea come to work with her,.  Today her husband was there with HIS Boston, Fats.  Fats is a beautiful dog, about nine years old,  and the daddy of several of their Bostons.  He told us a hilarious story about Fats fighting a raccoon for his dog food.  Good times!

When you walk up to the store, welcoming wicker seats await you if you'd like to just sit outside in the shade a bit; Raggedy Ann will keep you company:

I brought home my lamp Milly had been holding for me; Steve bought it for my birthday.  I was kind of disappointed that the vase I'd had my eye on for so long was gone.  I guess I dallied around too long on that one.  I just couldn't decide where I'd put it, but now that it's gone, I'm wishing I'd gotten it last time!  But, Steve went ahead and jumped on the beer stein I spotted last time.  Once he picked it up and saw it is a Gerzit, which he collects, he was all over it.  Plus, that pretzel handle is kind of cool!  And you KNOW I bought the green cross I'd been coveting.

I also brought home three of these dolls...

I got the tiny one with the red and white checked head dress on the far bottom left, the other one right next to it (she has a baby hanging off her arm!) and the one in front on the far right, which is a corn husk doll.  They all have strings on their heads like Christmas ornaments, so I'll put them on my tree this year.  They're adorable!

What else did I see?  Well, Charlene asked to see some china tea cups, and the prettiest two I saw turned out blurry; they looked pretty good in my camera, but once I got them to bigger size, not so much.  But I did see this one:

and this one:

...which is really a mug and not a delicate cup, but I liked it.

And this one didn't have roses...

...but it was neat.  I liked the sort of pedestal aspect to it.

As long as we're looking at drinking vessels, how about some martini glasses?  Pretty!

Or you could take in the huge selection of jiggers and shot glasses:


These miniature teapots are cute:

Last time we were in there, there was a lady VERY interested in these blue and white pieces.  I have no idea what the collection is called, its make, or origin, but apparently a lot of people collect these, sort of like I collect Belleek china (shamrocks, especially!).

I thought these guys were funny:

Since I'm a Libra, do you think I need this?

While I'm poking about, Steve made friends with Fats:

How about some rolling pins:

Or this cute cat...

...who comes with his own hat!

Do you know these people?

I wonder if they read books like this?

Not into hard backs?  You need some comic books?


I don't think these skis were here last time I visited...

What time is it?

Time to head over to the jewelry case, I guess.

You like cameos?

What is this weird pin in the sort of upper right?  Looks like a face?  Weird:


and more glasses...

No  comment:

Okay, this made me laugh.  A pig in a scuba suit.  It's a bank.

I thought about getting one of these...but...the advertising on it held me back.  I don't know.

What in the hell is this?

I mean, I can tell it's a brass man, in an arch...but ...what IS it?

So what am I coveting for next trip?  This:

It's a beautiful eggshell porcelain piece; you can almost see your hand through it.  The glazing on it is gorgeous, but you can't really see that so well here.  Milly and I talked about this one last time, and I've left it there today.  I'm hoping it's still there when I go back and we can wheel and deal because Steve has another beer stein he has his eye on.

All in all, it was a super fun trip, but I did miss Milly.  All the more reason to head on back over there before too long!

Remember, if you see something you like here or in either of my previous pictorials, give Milly a call and see what she can do for you (318.371.9830).  If you're around Minden, her shop is at 509 Main Street and her website is here.  Your best bet though is to call her or drop by and have a Coke and a visit!  Tell her I sent you and maybe she'll cut me a deal on that vase!

We're off now to watch LSU and West Virginia and have catfish.  Happy Trails!

Take a Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden
Take Another Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden


Steve Burri said...

Happy birthday, Pat!

Lots of nice tea party stuff there!

Best juxtaposition: The scuba pig right after the Ted Kennedy book!

Pat Austin Becker said...

LOL!!! I wish I could say I did that on purpose...

G. R. said...


I don't believe it was juxtaposition, it was divine providence.

Lynn said...

What a fun trip. The teacups are wonderful, especially the pink pedestal. Love old irons, old clocks, and the eggshell porcelain piece is exquisite.

If I cannot get the pink pedestal cup out of my mind, I may have to call. :D

Pat Austin Becker said...

Give her a call if you decide you need it! It was gorgeous. I've never, ever seen anything in there that she won't deal on. I wish the others I'd take had not come out blurry, but I'll get 'em next time.

Bride Of Rove said...

That's a paper weight. Love that shop.

Red said...

Cool glasses. Perfect for a TEA Party ;-) I love your trips to Minden. Happy Birthday Pat.

Red said...

Cool glasses. Perfect for a TEA Party ;-) I love your trips to Minden. Happy Birthday Pat.