Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Gift for Forest Baker from Pete Stark

Via Hot Air, here's another gift for Forest Baker from Representative Pete Stark:

You might remember this clip from June where Stark declares "our borders are quite secure." 

Ed Morrissey makes an interesting point:

Also, take a look at Stark’s body language in this exchange. Normally combative (and aggressively insipid in most cases), Stark seems to be collapsing in on himself as the woman builds an argument effectively enough to win applause from her fellow constituents. The bombastic Stark is almost inaudible when he admits that ObamaCare is a symptom of a federal government that no longer adheres to Constitutional limitations, and indeed doesn’t recognize them at all.

Pete Stark has been in Congress 37 years.  Send him home, California.


Red said...

Even Stark can't swallow his own bullsh#t.

forest4congress said...

Watch the FULL video of Stark's recent townhall comments including pulling out of Afghanistan, a "death tax", e-Verify, the borders being secure, and the power of the federal government