Sunday, August 1, 2010

Media Hypocrisy in Action

Doug Ross has a post on the Chelsea Clinton wedding that probably nails down pretty well the way lots of folks feel about the event.  At least, his wife's rant says what I was thinking, anyway. 

One one level, I honestly don't care if Chelsea Clinton had a huge wedding.  I don't begrudge her that one iota. Personally, the Jenna Bush wedding is much more my style.  Heck, when Steve and I married earlier this year (after EIGHT years of talking about it), we spent less than $100 and that included the license, the hamburgers at the restaurant on Fox Run Golf Course at Barksdale, and a gift for the chaplain that performed the ceremony.  His wife took our pictures and we had a big ol' time. 

Now, I realize Chelsea's situation is different.  It's her first wedding and her parents are important people with lots of money.  I get all that.  Every young girl, I suppose, dreams of the gorgeous wedding.  I'm certainly not suggesting Chelsea have a justice of the peace wedding. 

What is so galling is the media and this is what Doug points out in his post.  The hypocrisy of the media is obvious when you consider what would have been written had the Bush's held such a huge shindig for daughter Jenna's wedding.

"Those elitist, out-of-touch Republicans!"  I can just hear it.

Just let me hear one time from the liberals that conservatives are out of touch elitists.  Let me hear just one time how the Democrats are for the little people.



Sandy said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time, but I did not know you got married!

Mike Thiac said...

Dear Pat

1. I got no problem with the Clintons blowing a bunch of money on their girl's wedding. After all, it's their girl's time. But one question that is not being asked but the "objective media"...whose money are they spending? If they blow some of the hundreds of millions of their own money, no sweat. However, I have questions. Like most leftist they are better at spending "other people's money"...I wonder who is footing the bill. To go along side what you said earlier, if this was Jenna Bush you know CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/NYT/WP/USATODAY would all be asking.

2. How bout Dem Saints? Ready for the new season? I've already gotten off on September 9th....and by buddy at work has bet me on the game...he's taken the Vikings...then again he had the Vikings last January and he was buying! :<)


Pat Austin Becker said...

@ Sandy,
Was very small and quiet; after 8 years it was time. :)

Man, I heard on Rush they paid $11,000 for a damn cake! What's up with THAT? Geez.

And yep - I'm hoping for good things from the Saints this year. I've come to admire Drew Brees a whole lot; upstanding guy.

Mike Thiac said...

PatAgain, if it's their own money I have no problem with it...but if it's "donated" I wonder where are the people who scream about "too much money in politics" going off on this. I would think an "objective journalist" would ask the I'm not holding my breath.

And yes, I can't wait for Sept 9th...."Minnesota, come out and play!"