Saturday, August 7, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around - The Back to School Edition 2010

My last Saturday before school starts and it's raining, which is not so bad, really.  I had a list of things to do today which included getting my car washed but I guess I'll postpone that one.  The dogs need to go for shots, which I can do, and I have some minor housekeeping to do.  I'm halfway into the second Stieg Larsson book and that will keep me busy should I run out of productive things to do.

Steve and I went for our massages yesterday - fabulous!  Steve got a "deep tissue massage" which he loved and I had the traditional Swedish massage with hot stones.  Awesome.  If I could just do that every day after school...

I got my car back from the garage yesterday before noon and they didn't charge me as it had been in twice for the same thing in the past four weeks.  Kudos to them for making it right; I guess it was just a difficult thing to find.  It's an older car and I'm pretty certain everything they did to it before had to be done anyway.  No bad feelings.

On to the links:

Stacy McCain is backing Nathan Deal as governor of Georgia rather than the Palin endorsed Karen Handel.

Lots of folks are outraged at Michelle Obama's lavish vacation in Spain.  Reaganite Republican says, "At least Jimmy Carter knew enough to stay home and put on a sweater, joining us in the malaise."  No Sheeples Here points out that though some personal expenses may be paid by Lady Obama and her friends, a large cost of this trip is being paid by the taxpayer.  Pundette points out that it isn't easy being queen, after all.  Emptysuit is none too pleased, either.
Doug Ross explains the Obama's disconnect from reality.

The Camp of the Saints posted some thoughts on the gay marriage issue.

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick?  No.  Just no.

Pecan Corner has an excellent post on Hiroshima and the ridiculousness of apologies or reparations. 

Bride of Rove has some thoughts on the Japanese ambassador's visit to the Hiroshima ceremony:

A nation moribund in the molasses of moral equivalence cannot move to defend herself for fear of giving offense and is a nation not long for this planet. America — not Obama’s America obviously – but the America most of us know, is not sorry for doing what she needs to do to survive, thrive and prosper. She is not sorry for defending herself.
On the same subject, Wyblog blasts Obama's misplaced outrage.

Fausta had a great post about the most transparent administration in history and its play on words. 

Pirate's Cove examines the effects of The Generational Theft Act.

Staci looks at the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Okay, I've got to get moving and get to the vet before he closes.  These crazy dogs need their shots and with school starting Monday, this might be my best chance to get it done.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


No Sheeples Here! said...


Thanks for the linky-love. I'd appreciate it if you'd send some rain up the Atlantic Coast. We could sure use it.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks, Pat, and enjoy your last weekend.

Reaganite Independent said...

Much obliged, Pat- have a super weekend

G. R. said...

RE: Endorsing Nathan Deal as governor of Georgia rather than the Palin endorsed Karen Handel.

I will once again step out and bravely face the fire of being called a RINO, which I am far from being. I believe that if Palin is anywhere near the 2012 ticket Obama WILL have another four years to continue destroying this county. Palin just doesn't have what it will take to be Commander in Chief.

Sarah said...

I'm so behind on blog-reading after my summer from hell, and so this is a bit belated, but am really disappointed in SM for endorsing Nathan Deal.

He is one of the most corrupt members of Congress and exactly the kind of politician tea partiers are trying to get out of office. I am so disappointed in my state for choosing Deal over Handel in the primary (and why that happened), I don't even plan to vote for either the GOP or Dem candidate for governor at this point because they are basically the same person; one just has an "R" and one just has a "D."

It has nothing to do with Palin or Mike Huckabee who came out to support Deal, or whoever else their friends are. It's about the candidates and their track records. Really fearing for my state at this point...