Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obamacare is an Abomination

I've noticed several devastating articles on Obamacare lately; none of which tell me anything I didn't know already for the most part, but now that we've passed "the bill so you can find out what's in it," the rotten apples are starting to float to the top.

Consider this piece from David Freddoso at The Washington Examiner.  The highlights:

"...seniors who rely on Medicare will replace Medicaid recipients at the bottom of the health care ladder as early as 2019."

"Fees Medicare pays to providers will be slashed below Medicaid rates, which are already well below market prices."

"By 2050, 40 percent of existing health care facilities will forced to close their doors."

"The wait for care will be much, much longer."Many physicians already refuse to accept new Medicare patients. More will refuse when payments from the government fall below cost."
This last item means that 15 million senior citizens will get screwed on their coverage.

Yesterday in The American Spectator, Peter Ferrera had a devastating piece on Obamacare:

The bottom line is that you will lose your health care under this legislation, if not your job, your country as they bankrupt America, and maybe ultimately your life or the life of a loved one. All that to make dreamy, emotionalized, liberals happy, even though many of them are not happy because the socialism in the bill is not overt enough.

More specifically:

The Obamacare legislation involves precisely the thorough government takeover of health care. It creates 159 new bureaucracies, agencies, boards, commissions, and programs to rule over health care in America. Government authorities are empowered to tell doctors and hospitals what is quality health care and what is not, what are best practices in medicine, how their medical practices should be structured, and what they will be paid and when. Government authorities will mandate exactly what health insurance with what benefits workers and employers must buy, and the Act imposes tax penalties on them if they do not comply. Government authorities will dictate to insurance companies exactly what health insurance they must sell, to whom they must sell it, and what they can charge.

There's much more at the link.

Obamacare is an abomination.  I hope there are more and more of these articles coming out between now and the fall elections because I believe it will weigh heavily in the minds of the voters when it's time to pull the lever in the voting booth.  Democrats are hoping we'll have forgotten by then, but many of us will absolutely never forget.  Those in Congress that voted for Obamacare sold their souls to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama; they will pay with their jobs.


Charlene said...

It's interesting that you seem to only read fringe publications, whose purpose is to report so called political scandals but only political scandals involving liberals. There are plenty of scandals to go around. By completely ignoring conservatives the publication reveals it is not a balanced source for any information.

As to the effort to get health care for all Americans, the current system is not working. A large number of people make no effort to buy health insurance. Because of extreme increases in the cost of medical care insurance rates take more and more of the personal budget of those who do buy insurance. The last time I researched this, health insurance and its subsequent co-pays and deductibles cost over 20% of household income for those who do the right thing and buy it. This does not address the fact that the poor cannot afford insurance and when they need care they end up getting it through emergency rooms and we all pay for that through our taxes and increases in insurance premiums.

How can anyone who is a citizen of this country justify that some get good health care and some do not get any?

It is human to not want change in the system if you are getting good health care yourself and for those you care about. However, some day your personal circumstances may change and then you will suffer the reality that others now confront. But surely if you care about your fellow human beings you would take a more thoughtful and careful study of the reality of things and work for the betterment of the system.

Myself, I believe we as a country should be working toward what is best for our citizens; all our citizens. All of us should be able to get good health care when we need it and what we have in our pocket at the time should not be the determining factor. $700 billion was lent to our banks and that was not a problem that started in 2009. $300 billion and 4415 American soldier lives were spent in Iraq and that started in 2003, not 2009. We are living in times when there are major problems that need to be solved. Accepting what a couple of fringe publications tell you without taking an ownership of the problem as a citizen is not moral.

david7134 said...

What is not understood is that all Americans had health care prior to Obamacare. The small number that did not have an actual policy were those that were to lazy to sign up for the insurance or did not carry insurance for whatever reason.

It is not the job of our government to take care of all needs from cradle to grave. In fact, their efforts to do so have made health care expensive for all. Now with Obamacare it will be virtually non-existant and will bankrupt the country (even more so than present).

I can assure you that the pain has started. Everyone I know has had substantial increases in their insurance premiums. As doctors, we are not being paid for services rendered and are under constant threat that we will be found in violation of some law for filling Medicare and Medicaid. It is not only doctors, I know physical therapist that are about to go out of business.

We need a complete change in our government and a return to fundamental freedom and getting the government out of our lives.

Mike Thiac said...


Do you want her to quote from fringe publications like the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or NBC News , or other leftist rags? Your implied standard they must cover the conservative and liberal scandals, By completely ignoring conservatives the publication reveals it is not a balanced source for any information. A few weeks ago Bob Schieffer admitted he knew nothing about the Black Panthers intimidating voters. His excuse was he didn’t know. He was on vacation and read the NYT every day. No kidding…they haven’t covered it yet.

You whined on about American health care but didn’t make one suggestion for helping it. The American Spectator, National Review, Washington Examiner and Washington Times have made several suggestions to help reform health care. For example:

1. Allow insurance companies to compete nationwide. That is well within the authority of the Congress under the Commerce Clause.

2. While you’re there cut the mandates that states do put on them (e.g. requiring them to birth control). If a 20 year old wants to have a major medical policy to cover him for a car wreck, let him chose from 1300 companies, not the handful the states can limit your choice. Completion will force prices down.

3. Allow people to join insurance pools so they can get lower rates. Again, completion will take care of prices.

4. Tort Reform. Texas limited medical punitive damages (there is no limit on actual damages) to 750K (250K each for the doctor, insurance company and medical facility). That alone lowered their medical malpractice insurance average by 40%.

Nothing in Obamacare will force prices down. Their purpose is to nationalize health care by bankrupting the private insurance industry. In case you haven’t heard even the Democrats got the note to not talk about reduced cost on the campaign…talk about improved health care ( . Again, how the hell is the 2000 + page crap going to improve health care?

Mike Thiac said...


By chance did you see this in the American Spectator:

I will agree he's worse than Carter....