Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finishing the ... Job?

I'm scared to death he is going to finish the job and America right along with it.  He's got a way with words, for sure.


Charlene said...

The thing you fear is what he says is the truth, well reasoned and forward thinking while the GOP is merely saying what you want to hear without any regard for the trut.

Red said...

Charlene, post 'stupid' somewhere else.

Andy said...

Ummmmm....what Red said. Charlene, I'm sure you are a very nice person, but you just need a few months at the nervous hospital if you can find ONE thing this retard has done that is NOT his foreign policy, his approach to the economy, his energy policy, etc.

If you can, you are some kind of a wizard, because he has NO policy. He is a self-serving tool. (btw: "trut" gots an "h" in there somewheres. Just sayin'...)

As to the title of this post, I had to guffaw.

Because this is a family friendly blog, I can not write what kind of a "job" this effin' monor is doing on US.

But, it starts with a B, and it ain't worth the 25 cents he charges for it.

Tony said...

Yet somehow, he'll be our President until 2016. The 'talent' the GOP is trotting out there for their beauty pageant is comedic, to put it nicely. (Bachmann? Trump? Gingrich? Romney? Huckabee?)

G. R. said...


I agree 100%. The GOP has no regard to the "trut".

Andy said...

Tony, sadly, you might be right.

I was just looking at ObozO on the news (and it was hard to listen to him because I was distracted by that horrific mole thingy on his nose), and I wanted to PUKE!

I had sworn that I would NEVER listen to him again for fear of puking, but the news caught me off guard.

Then the news showed Sarah screaming her lungs out in Madison, and Tim (who is just like Bobby J) trying to do their TEA Party thing...


Trump lost me back when he had his morning radio spots, and I heard him say that "George W. Bush is an embarrassment to the country. He's a joke!" Not an exact quote, but pretty close...and those radio spot clips will come back to haunt him. Jeepers, "W" and I had our differences, but Trump trumped me on him. He's a loser.

There is "somebody" out there that can whip ObozO's butt, and make him like it. Actually there are several somebodies...most of them in the US House.

Damn shame that our back benchers have all the stroke, and there's no coach there to put 'em in.

Sandy said...

I'm wondering what a "camapaign" is!