Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On KSM and Gitmo

I really would like to blog about the announcement yesterday to try KSM and friends at Gitmo but I'm late for work right now and will have to get to it later.  By then it will be old news.  Meh. 

Suffice to say for now it's a really rookie, politicized move to go there on the same day you announce your re-election bid.  Did Team Obama think we'd all be showering praises on him right now for coming to his senses?  "You always wanted them tried at Gitmo; now you've got what you want and you're STILL bitchin'!" 

You bet we are!  How about years of frustration for justice as Obama dithered and pandered on this issue?  KSM confessed and was ready to be executed (i.e,. martyred) for his crimes and Obama let him chill down there at Gitmo instead. 

Rookie.  For all his blathering about how Gitmo has created more terrorism, his dithering has put a neon "Kick Me" sign on the back of America.  Weak.



Mike Thiac said...


Last week I was on a friend's blog in a debate with a Obamaite from Denver. Now the man has a master's degree and is an AP English teacher so he should be able to answer a simple question.

"A trusism of life is if you're not making mistakes you're probably not doing anything. I listed many problems I have with George W Bush, etc....can you tell me one thing B Hussein Obama has not done right since he became president?...just one?"

I asked him that about five times over the last few months and still can't get an answer.

Reaganite Independent said...

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