Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Possibly Petraeus?

Via The Corner:

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a longtime GOP leader in the Hawkeye State, tells National Review Online that he is open to hearing Donald Trump’s case for the presidency. But that’s where his enthusiasm ends. “I’ll listen to anybody,” he says, “but I wish that General Petraeus would get interested. I’ve only had one person in Iowa ask me about Donald Trump.”  If Petraeus jumped in, Grassley would escort him to “all 99 counties.”

Hmm.  I need to survey my relatives in Iowa.  What about it?  Would YOU vote for Petraeus?


Tina said...

I would not vote for him. His
deliberate and vocal opposition to continuing our strong alliance with Israel, and the other implications present in his statements about that relationship, along with his statements about the Koran burning, concern me deeply.

Rather than remaining neutral, and not promoting religion, he shows preference - and deference - to Islam in these incidents.

These kinds of things indicate a willingness to go to great lengths to sacrifice matters of importance to our whole nation, in order to gain an appearance of success in his fields of interest. I think his real interest is not in waging war, but in peace-keeping.

I find no evidence of classic conservatism in his words or actions. Instead, key words that writers repeatedly include when profiling him or his approach are: "flexible", "adaptive", "reconciliation". He has "doctrine writers" who collaborate toward consensus, according to NPR A significant quote is from an
interview in US News
""The truth is not found in any one school of thought, and arguably it's found in discussion among them"

Everything points to a nouveau liberal approach. A

newspaper in Australia
made a critical point: "Both missions were seen as success stories, in part due to his self-promotion."

There are generals who have been good Presidents. Petraeus is a good general but I have serious questions whether he would change his approach to meet our nation's needs at this moment in history.

Instead, it's possible he might be the Uber RINO.

Tina said...

In fact, now that I think about it, he might be a very good Secretary of State, and I hope that our next president will consider him when she takes office. ;-)

Chris Wysocki said...

What Tina said.

Except for the SecState part. We've already got enough dhimmis in striped pants at Foggy Bottom.

Anonymous said...

I made the comment to my husband the other day that I don't think Petraeus is conservative. At all.