Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take an Easter Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques

Spring is in bloom at Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden!  Steve and I drove over today to spend the afternoon poking around Milly's shop and there is no question she is ready for Easter; bunnies and eggs are all over the shop.  In fact, she even brought me a load of fresh eggs from her chickens this morning!  There is nothing better than a farm fresh egg.

As soon as we walked up this vanity was one of the first things I noticed.  It was sitting outside the shop waiting for someone to help Milly haul it inside.  It's a gorgeous piece; the veneer needs a little touch up on the top left drawer, but that's a simple task.  The mirror is full length and the drawers are deep and generous.  Steve hauled it inside for Milly and in no time at all she had it worked into the shop and had brush sets and perfume bottles sitting on top!

Another new acquisition sitting outside was this precious old fashioned school desk.  Love the hole for the inkwell!

As many times as I visit the shop, I'm always surprised at all the new items I find when I go.  Yeah, there are still some of the same things I've seen before, but there is so much to see, and she's constantly bringing in new things.  I took a special interest in the eggs today.  I don't particularly collect eggs, but I do decorate some for Easter.  I liked this colorful one:

These Lenox eggs are gorgeous:

Here they are in their display case:

And this cloisonne egg is wonderful:

Had enough eggs?  We can move on.  There will be more on Milly's Facebook page through the week!  One more:

Steve took a fancy to these crazy armadillo bookends; they are drinking Lone Star beer, by the way.

Milly has several pieces of this Fostoria coin glass; I love it:

There are lots of NASCAR collectibles there...

Pez collectibles...

And shelves and shelves and shelves of Coca-Cola memorabilia:

Here's a colorful painting:

And I'm kind of digging this low-to-the-ground chair; it needs recovering but I love the design:

These old marionettes are cool; there are six of them but I couldn't get them all in frame:

I don't think I've ever seen a brass punch bowl before, but I have now.  Milly has lots of crystal ones, too:

This fellow looks like spring:

I love these old compacts and cigarette cases; I like the one on the lower left side with the green inlay:

I've posted a shot of this Hoosier cabinet before, I think, but I'd love to own this.  If I had space for it, I'd grab it in a second.  That bottom right drawer is lined with tin and the upper left cabinet is a flour sifter.  This is a great piece!

These Sevres plates are lovely:

This is new:  it's a drink caddy with a place for your bottle, four little shot glasses, and that wheel on the back winds up to play "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head."  Too funny!

By the way, it's sitting on that vanity that had been outside earlier.  Nothing sits around inside Milly's for long without getting something set on top of it!

These plates are cute for the kitchen:

The dogs, Heidi and Rosalea, were worn out by all the traffic today!

I took a picture of these Christmas ornaments because the box said, "American Made" on it.  You don't see that much anymore:

So what did I come home with today?  Well you know how I am about shiny things...I had to have this:

And this cracked me up and I had to have it, too:

I liked this, but left it behind:

I also liked this tray but will get it next time, if it's still there:

And finally, this made me laugh, too, but I left it there.

At the end of the day we helped Milly close up, put the dogs in the car, got our fresh eggs and our purchases and headed home.  I already can't wait to go back.

If you're looking for something and want to know if Milly has one, or if you see something you like in this post or any of the others, give Milly Rose a call at 318.371.9830.  She'll cut you a good deal!  And be sure to "Like" Second Hand Rose on Facebook!


Tina said...

Looking at the picture, I will bet the cushion on that upholstered chair is down-filled. Nice! Those are incredibly comfortable, and the down can be saved and re-used by the upholsterer in the new cushion.

Steve Burri said...

Yes, those are some beautiful hand painted Spring Spheres!

In grade school we had desks with ink wells that still had ink containers in them. For some reason we chose to collect broken pencil leads in them. (That was back when the U.S. only had 48 states!)

Anonymous said...

I love all these old things that I remember from my past. The Hoosier Cabinet is what my Granny used only it had windowed glass doors up top. Now the wooden school desk is just like the ones we had when I was in school in Lueders, Texas. Love the postings about this store.... :^)