Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Military Times Poll

The Military Times has released its latest poll. Click here to read the more detailed evaluation.

(Graphic: The Military Times)


Anonymous said...

Oh, but Obama promised change. Forget the fact that in case of a terrorist attack, his responses and reactions will most likely (looking at his EXTREME lack of military experience) pale FAR in comparison to the work Bush did after 9/11

But, it's okay because Obama uses big words and promises us lots of money.

Sarah said...

I wonder how much if any influence the Robert Gates choice had on any of them?

Roxy said...

Sarah the Army Dude and I are under the impression that the Choice to keep Gates and a couple hundred appointments in the pentagon happened because defense isn't one of his priorities and he had no one lined up.
That being said I'm not surprised by the poll at all.

Anonymous said...

The lack of appointments doesn't surprise me in the least bit. Remember under the first, second, and now third Clinton Administration (because you know Hilary will still wear the pants) military aides to her, I mean Bill, were used to serve drinks, hor devours, and other menial tasks around the White House.

As for Clinton, she, er I mean Bill, and Hilary, openly and publicly expressed contempt for the military. ("I loathe the military." Expressed in a letter written by Bill Clinton concerning his R.O.T.C. commitment to serve on Active Duty.)

I've heard many ignorant people tell me the only reason people join the military is they can't get a job anywhere else. I guess that's why I stayed in the reserves for 22 1/2years after I got out of the regular military. Just in case I lost my civilian job, that I've had for over 25 years, and couldn't get a job anywhere else.

My response to such stupidity is, why do so many politicians stay in office for 20, 30, 40, 50 and up to 60 plus years? Hunh? (What about it John Kerry and ilk like you?)

Some of the brightest and most dedicated people I ever met were people I had the pleasure of serving with in the Air Force and the Army.

I am proud to have been one of the sheepdog that protected the sheep from the wolves. Only some of the sheep are too stupid to realize the difference between the wolf and the sheepdog.