Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Weather!?

It was 73 degrees today and now is dipping close to 31 tonight. Our local news media is having a heydey in anticipation of an ice storm. Granted, there IS some ice in Arkansas which is in the "viewing area" and it "might" dip down almost to our area, but seriously - do we really have to dedicate the first fifteen minutes of the newscast to how to drive in icy conditions?

The local anchorettes are all standing along the interstate talking about "steering into the skid" while semis zoom along happily behind them. Then we cut to a story about sand trucks loading up. The only thing that was missing was the shots of crazed grocery store patrons stocking up on supplies (because there will be ICE on the roads for about an hour. Maybe.)

Oh, I know, I'll have mud in my eye if ice actually shows up tomorrow. But I'm not holding my breath worrying about that! And after all, the sand trucks are ready.


Nikki said...

It's icing in Dallas! My office sent us home at 11 today and most of the schools were closed by 1:30. You might get some stuff from us. :)

Pat Austin Becker said...

* Hope Hope! * Would LOVE a snow day!

Anonymous said...

it has been in the single digits for weeks w/ extreme highs in the teens. wind-chills are below zero. we've had snow flurries for i-don't-know-how-many-days. today the forecast for the morning is fog w/ freezing as it hits the ground and temps in the single digits. tomorrow and friday forecast is warmer w/ temps in the teens and snow flurries.

the exciting part of the forecast is a warm up this weekend with temps in the low 20's and sunny. i was excited to hear the weekend forecast. i'm ready for 20 degree weather and sun!

Anonymous said...

Bitch and moan, bitch and moan. Damned Yankees, all they do is bitch and moan about the cold weather up north.

Now you know why I didn't move back home. I got tired of bitching and moaning about the cold in the winter time.

Anonymous said...

it's so cold that the tag teacher took her students outside to show how bubbles will freeze and then break instead of pop when they fall to the ground.

my favorite part of this freezing weather is turning on the fireplace, getting a book and pillow and falling asleep in front of the fire. toasty!!! if i get up, i have to chase casey from in front of the fire so i can lay back down. he's a fireplace hog!

Anonymous said...

I can just picture it.
You try to move Casey, and he's looking up with that look on his face that says, "What?"
What a dog!

Anonymous said...

actually casey gets up, waits for me to get settled, circles, then plops down next to me.

what a dog!

he's not so much a puppy anymore so our lives are a little calmer.