Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reading Table

I'm loving the Stieg Larsson books; I've just now discovered them.  I'm slow.  Have you SEEN my reading stack?  C'mon.  I'll try to take a picture for you if I can find my wide angle lens.

I'm about to finish the first one, so no spoilers, please.  But have you read them? 

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Unknown said...

Dear So It Goes,
Love your blog, which I found via the Corndog lady. You North Louisiana bloggers are sharp, funny and refreshing. So different from the dreary disciples of late, splenetic blog-daddy Ashley Morris down here in New Orleans. I'll keep reading you both. With pleasure.

To the topic, I'm very late on the Larsson uptick myself. Posted a love note about the movie version of the second book on Calliope Steet. Urge you see that movie when you're done with the book. Alas, the supply of dark Larssen fantasy is limited. Makes it all the more precious.
Arthur in NOLA