Monday, August 16, 2010

Techonology is Not My Friend's been a Monday, for sure.  I've had technology problems  ALL DAY. 

I got to work at 6:45, fired up the computer, and by 11 I was able to open up my email because the thing is so freakin' slow.  I tried to run a Powerpoint last Friday and couldn't even get the slides to advance.

The a/c in my classroom topped out at 88 today.  Maybe that's not "technology" exactly, but it wasn't working for me. 

The teenager's iPhone4 arrived today, except I told him to watch for it (because I checked my shipping info and knew it was coming), but do you think he did?  No.  FedEx took it back to the facility where I had to go pick it up this afternoon.  Why didn't I make him go get it, you ask?  Because it's across town and I'm scared for him to drive on I-20.  Over-protective. 

So I picked up the iPhone and we went to Best Buy to get it activated and get his stuff moved to the new phone.  But they couldn't because I bought it from Apple.  They sent me to the AT&T store who also could not activate the phone because I bought it from Apple.  They sent me back home to do it via iTunes, which I should have done in the first place, except NOW I'm having issues with iTunes.  I have to download the latest version.... it just me or does iTunes have a "new" version every time I get on there? 


And so I get on the blog, finally, which don't even get me started about how neglected this little blog is, but when I check this new "Spam" filter thing, well....there's all these comments and it makes no sense whatsoever why they are in a Spam filter.  NOTHING about them looked Spammy. 

Today, I'm not a friend of technology.  My karma must be off.

I'm getting off this laptop before it blows up or gives me the blue screen of death and going to open a book.  Paper and ink.  Works for me.

Tomorrow will be a better day. 


Charlene said...

Today I had tech issues too; if a 25 year old stove is technology.

I was making 2 cakes for he Ky State Fair and had one ready when I noticed there was no heat in the oven. Sigh. I did the circuit breaker thing, the pull it out and unplug, re-plug. No hope.

I called a friend and took the pans of batter there and spent the afternoon getting them baked between my friend making and baking 8 types of bread. Whew.

No problem. All are entered and I am drinking a beer!

Reaganite Independent said...

Maybe you could be "The Luddite Republican", Pat- lol

Fenway_Nation said...

Can't coax you into buying the kindle, huh?

Andy said...

Pat, Blogger's new spam filter is going to be fabulous. It is catching spam right and left at my place...and all of it IS Spam. No real comments are being blocked.

I'm sure there will be some fine-tuning on their end, and suspect that because you use comment moderation the filter is turned up a notch or two.

Technology is something, though. Wow! Just think how different our lives were 20...10...even 5 years ago. That train sure moves fast, huh?

Sandy said...

I had the same issues with Itunes. I bought my phone at the AT&T store in Bossier and they activated, transferred, and showed me how to use it. When I tried to load my Itunes on it, I had to download new version and they still wouldn't go. I ended up moving them by drag and drop, but now it is adding new stuff fine!Hope you have a better day eventually. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful retirement is!!!:)