Thursday, April 21, 2011


The power company has been trimming trees in my neighborhood which means my Internet connection is sporadic.

They cut down my huge eucalyptus tree to the ground yesterday. As a result my once shady backyard is now full sun on the back half and those shade plants I have in the beds back there are burning up as we speak. This also means I will no longer be bringing fresh eucalyptus boughs inside.

Blogging will resume when my Internet is back and these guys come down off the utility poles.


Tina said...

Oh Pat I am so sorry about your tree. :-( What a sad loss, no matter how important the reason.

Maybe someday all the lines will be underground and our roadsides/streetsides can be beautiful again.


Pat Austin Becker said...

Heh - I have a regular eucalyptus farm on my deck right now. I'm rooting multiple cuttings.

Tina said...

oh good show! What variety is it? Now I'm intrigued!