Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Countdown Frenzy

We're in full Christmas mode here at SIGIS.  I've been cooking like crazy this week in anticipation of the big family gathering this coming Saturday here at my house.  We're a small family but I'm still expecting 20 for dinner.  We have much to celebrate and be thankful for this year.

So far I have made four huge batches of Chex mix (the traditional salty kind) and two batches of the sweet version.  I've made two batches of fudge, one batch of pralines, and one batch of fruitcake cookies.

I've bought all the presents except for one.  I've wrapped half of those.  The tree is done.  Since my niece's child doesn't read my blog (he's six), I'll show you one of his gifts:  the sock monkey that sings jingle bells!  It drives my black Lab crazy!  Sock monkey sings and dances and my dog barks and barks!  Of course Steve wants it but I had to remind him that Christmas is for children.  He's not convinced.

This week I've got to focus on the housecleaning, finish the grocery shopping, get the bar set ups, finish the last minute decorations, and assemble the food. 

Everyone arrives Saturday and I hope to have all this under control so I'm not in the kitchen the whole time they're here.  Steve and my son-in-law, Brett, will be in charge of getting mom over here.  We've, as is tradition, invited a couple of her life-long friends to come so I'm hoping that works out.

This is our last week of classes at school; finals are Monday and Tuesday the next week.  I still have nine more research papers to grade!  Eeeek!  To stay I'm stretched thin at this point is an understatement!  But, I'm really looking forward to Saturday and especially to the two weeks off that are coming up!  

If blogging is spotty this week, bear with me.  I'm probably in the kitchen making sausage balls or a seafood casserole.  But for now, time for a break and a Sam Adams! 


Jim said...

You could buy Steve a sock monkey of his own, just saying.

Mr. SIGIS said...

Jim, I agree whole heartedly. She says, "No, you'll just torture the dog with it."
Just because the Lab get all excited about a blue plastic grunting pig that I hide in the closet, she shouldn't deny me a singing and screaming sock monkey.
p.s. What's so funny about this I came across an old Junior Wells (I doubt very seriously he's related to you) song on Youtube, "She's Gonna Sell My Monkey." tonight.