Saturday, December 3, 2011

Estate Sale Saturday

I haven't been hitting the estate sales like I was this summer because of work, but today I got lucky and found some treasures!  With apologies to those who dislike "antique blogs," I'm pretty excited about my finds today!

I've become a sort of accidental collector of drip coffee pots.  Steve and I saw one at King's Ransom, a local antique mall, a few years ago.  We immediately got all nostalgic for the great coffee those things make, complete with the little grounds in the bottom of your coffee cup at the end of each cup.  For Christmas that year I went back to the store and paid something like $25 for an old WearEver drip coffee pot.  And we use it rather often!  Since then I've collected a couple more, but this one was too cute to pass up.  It's a 2-cup pot:

Perfect for those days when you don't want a full pot!

I also snagged this gorgeous Pyrex mixing bowl in a delicious pale turquoise:

You would not believe the great price I got on that.  Old Pyrex is crazy collectible these days.

At the next sale I picked up this funky mesh eyeglasses case:

And I picked up this lovely red damask tablecloth; perfect for my Christmas table.  Again, great price:

But, my favorite find was this:

It's nearly the width of my china cabinet.  It's a black and white panoramic picture of what I'm guessing might be a debutante soiree.  I  thought at first it might be a wedding party but there's no obvious bride and it would be a huge-assed wedding party. 

Here's a detail:

I love looking at the dresses and the expressions on their faces.  The hairstyles!  I asked the seller if she knew who the people are and she told me that she was told her great-grandmother was in there, but she had no idea which lady she was and there was no one left to ask. 

My grand total today in expenditures was about $40.00.  Not bad.


Adrienne said...

I want that picture. No, I mean I WANT THAT PICTURE!!!!!!


Andy said...

Pat, I grew up in a house with that coffee pot.

Mama probably still has it.

Good memories.