Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's That Line Again?

Via Pundette, the new Rick Perry ad; it made me smile:

Jill makes quite the case for ol' Rick (and against Newt). 

I like Perry, I really do.  Why, oh why, do we all worry so about what Obama will do to Perry in a debate?  Why should being a good debater be a prerequisite for president? 


Tina said...

Oh I love the new ad! How funny!

I totally agree with you. UIL Debate medals do not signify Presidential skill or leadership capacity.

Unlike the British PM's, American Presidents do not engage in public debate while in office.

I keep wondering why candidates risk them in these days of moderator grandstanding.

DaveO said...

Obama would never debate Perry. Obama's addiction to stagecraft, including a canned speech, and his inability to cease his transition words (ah, uh, umm, silence) makes him too vulnerable.

As it is, Obama needs to ensure the moderators of the Presidential debate are solidly in his camp, and taking their cues from Axelrod.

Unknown said...

Pat, I agree. Perry has show skill in governing, but unfortunately, not in debate.

However, Obama can't stand on his own without his teleprompter.