Friday, December 23, 2011

SIGIS Gets Restless

We got a little stir crazy yesterday and had to get out of the house.  As much as I loathe the Christmas traffic, we found a way around that:  there's not usually a lot of traffic in a cemetery.

Our first stop was the veterans section at the Greenwood Cemetery.  I've posted before about the Kelley brothers who are buried there, and we wanted to leave a Christmas wreath for them.  Regular readers will recall that Bose Kelley died on D-Day in France; his brother William died shortly after, in September.   For some reason, we've sort of 'adopted' them and leave flags on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and July 4. 

When we arrived someone had already been by with fresh flags for each and a little Christmas bouquet.  They must have surviving family here because there is always some remembrance on the graves regardless of the holiday. 

We left our wreaths anyway.

Steve has become intrigued with another soldier buried there:  Kenney Dean Chappell.  He was a Purple Heart recipient and died at the age of 20, apparently in Vietnam.  Just a kid.

We left him a Christmas cross and a flag. 

And I found this fellow:

...who died on Christmas Day, 1941.  Purple Heart.  We left a flag.

If I had enough time on my hands, money, and the crafty skills, I'd make a Christmas wreath for every soldier out there and place them every single year. 

From there, we went to investigate a couple of antique stores in town. 

I fell in love with this little dog and had to bring him home:

He just looked like he'd been loved once, a lot, by someone and needed a new home.  I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

I thought this dress was Christmasy and festive, but didn't spring the $165 for it:

"Vintage Victor Costa" the tag said.

I liked this cute milk glass plate:

And my jaw dropped when I saw the price on these Shiny Brite ornaments:

I know those things are collectible, but $50?  Seriously?! 

I found a cut crystal powder bowl with a sterling lid that happened to have my grandmother's name engraved on it, and I bought that. 

We finished off our day by coming home and watching Christmas Vacation which is funny every time I watch it! 

Our restlessness abated, we are settled in now for the holiday and I don't plan to emerge until sometime next week with the exception of my daily trip to my mom's.

Merry Christmas!


Andy said...

Merry Christmas, Pat!

And, a Merry Christmas to Mr. ASIGIS, and all your kinfolk, too.

Hope your day is full of peace, joy, and love!

Nyuk...Word Verification: exams


Mr. SIGIS said...

Thanks Andy and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

Adrienne said...

Every time I see a UPS truck I think my debutante soiree picture is being whisked to my house. You know - like, you know - a Christmas gift for little ol' me.

I'm sure it will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

P.S. Your tree is beautiful!

Curmudgeon said...

Merry Christmas to you and Steve and that wonderful mom of yours.