Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take a Christmas Shopping Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden

I'm missing the debate tonight; we just got in from a Christmas shopping trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden. 

I was hoping to finish my Christmas shopping and I was, in fact, able to pick up a couple of things and knock my list down a little bit.

Milly goes all out for holidays and the shop was festooned in Christmas from front to back, from the basement to the fourth floor!  Oustide, in front of the store, Milly has a vintage white Christmas tree with a couple of ceramic cats and a rocking Santa.  Very festive!

I suspect Steve did a little Christmas shopping, too.  Hmmmm.  

For some reason I was drawn to mirrors today.  I like this one:

This one is neat, too.  I just don't have any place for either of them.

I thought this love seat was cool; very retro:

Pretty pictures:

An assortment of spoons:

Nobody on the planet has more Coca Cola stuff than Milly Rose.  These signs are cool:

And this cast iron Coca Cola van is heavier than a bag of rocks:

And in the basement, more collectible Coca-Cola bottles than you can imagine:

If you need to finish your shopping, maybe you know somebody who needs a coconut head?

Or this one:

Maybe you need an embalmed shark:

There was plenty of Christmas bling to go around:

The bell is pretty, and as Milly pointed out, "it's dinger really works!"; that is, it moves back and forth.

"Beer:  First and Last Chance":

How about these old locks:

Down in the basement I found these boxes of tiny Shiny Brite ornaments:

Maybe you know someone who astroturf purse?

This bar minder plays music whenever you pick it up.  Just the thing if you want to monitor your whiskey stash:

I loved these hair combs; they'd be perfect for my friend Nancy, but alas, out of my budget.

Milly has several vintage purses and bags; these old mesh ones are cool:

Maybe someone on your list needs a vintage kitchen clock:

More cowbell?

A basket full of angels:

The Star Wars lover on your list would go crazy for this case of collectible figures:

Milly's Boston Terriers are ready for Christmas:

Need a stick pony?

These are hand-painted and just too precious:

But all good things must end so we made our purchases and headed home.  Milly had a lot of work to do make preparations for her annual Christmas party she puts on for local prison inmates, their wives and children.  She and her husband put on a feast for them and bring presents for everyone.  This woman has a heart of gold:

If you see anything here (or in previous posts) that you can't live without for your Christmas shopping needs, give Milly Rose a call at 318-371-9830.  She'll ship it right on out to you.  She does gift certificates too!

And now, I'm off to see how the debate went.

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