Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Links

It's taken me a few days to recover from the SIGIS family Christmas gathering and to get the fall semester closed out at school, but today I slept until 9:15 and feel almost human!  I got out this morning and picked up the last couple of items on my Christmas shopping list and now that's done.

I have to run mom to a doctor's appointment this afternoon and after that, well, it's time to settle in and enjoy the season.  I'm going to start watching my annual lineup of Christmas movies.  The Bishop's Wife (pictured) is up first.  Steve and I are planning a day trip to Natchitoches to see the lights and enjoy the historic district right after Christmas.

While I'm celebrating Christmas, my blogging buddies have the political front covered:

Pundit and Pundette has some great stuff this week.  There's a couple of posts on Rick Perry and/or conservatives I thoroughly enjoyed, and today she takes on Newt.

Also NOT in Newt's camp would be Bride of Rove.

Political Clown Parade has an Obama Christmas carol you shouldn't miss.

Professor Jacobson has a bit of a contest going.

In all the Christmas prep around here, I missed the news that the incandescent light bulb has been reprieved. 

A Cop's Watch has cop Christmas cards.

I'll be back to political blogging in a day or so.  Meanwhile, check the links and enjoy the season.


Mr. SIGIS said...

I'll watch just about any Christmas movie except "Love Actually." I'd rather slide down a giant razor blade and land in a pool of salty water over and over again than watch that movie.

Curmudgeon said...

Thanks for the linky-love and may your Christmas be blessed.

All the best to your mom.