Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Season Crush

Life has trumped blogging the past few days (not to be confused with Trump, Donald, who is having trouble getting folks to commit to his debate). 

We're in the last few days of the semester at school and state testing is in full swing.  My kids have worked very hard and I'm anxious to see the results!  I've had a GREAT group of kids this semester.

Christmas has kept me busy, too.  Our family gathering is on the 17th this year; most of them live in the Dallas area now and they travel here because this is where Mom is and Mom doesn't travel.  The "Christmas Tree" event will be at my house so I've been busy cooking and decorating.  I've a long way to go yet before I'm ready.  But, I love it!

We're headed to Minden this weekend to hopefully finish the Christmas shopping with Milly Rose.  Have a little Christmas tree song here:

There's been so much to blog about this week but there I am, at school, teaching the young minds of tomorrow, and unable to blog.  Luckily there are folks who are doing a great job:

Pundette is still pulling for "one of the Ricks" in 2012 and highlights Stacy's post on Santorum.  I have to admit, I still have that one foot on the Rick Perry band wagon.  Don't tell Pundette, but Reaganite Republican just endorsed the Newt.

Bride of Rove sums up the race.

Professor Jacobson thinks Romney is "losing it."

Andrew Stiles highlights the upcoming showdown over the Keystone Pipeline.

Doug Ross explains the notion of "fairness."

On top of everything else I have going on, I'm so far behind in my reading.  I'm in the middle of Stephen King's 11/22/63.   It's a massive tome like Under the Dome was and I'm afraid it skipped the editor's desk.  It just bogs down in the middle.  But, we'll see how it turns out.  I have Michael Connelly's The Drop which arrived in the mail today.  I'm still reading Condi's book; and Kurt Vonnegut is still sitting in the stack.

But you know what?  I'm about to have two weeks off to do nothing but read!  And blog!  And enjoy family and Christmas.  Can't wait!

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