Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hanson on Obama

Don't miss Victor Davis Hanson this morning on Obama's "meltdown." As always, Hanson just nails it:

The once celebrity Obama has lost that luster, point-by-point over a year, bleeding by a thousand small cuts until he nears 40-percent approval. In themselves, the bad jokes like the flippant remark about the Special Olympics, the lunatic appointments like Anita Dunn and Van Jones, the serial untruths about airing health care on C-SPAN or shunning lobbyists, the phony deadlines on Gitmo and the Iranians, the bribing of senators with hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayers' funds, the bowing, the snubbing of the British, the use of the race card against tea-party critics, the Skip Gates mess, the Orwellian NEA business, constant fluff photos ops, but rare real press conferences — all that in the aggregate brought Obama to his present state.

It's not just Obama that carries the burden here - the entire Democratic party is circling the drain right now. Martha Coakley is tanking in MA (and there's that nasty incident with John McCormack last night) which is, I think, evidence of things to come. Campaigning Democrats are feeling the heat and getting frustrated.

Republicans don't seem to have their act pulled together just yet to capitalize on this meltdown, but there is still time. Marco Rubio in Florida is certainly a bright spot. It seems he's about done with Charlie Crist right about now.

Read Hanson's entire post here.

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