Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks, James, But We Really Didn't Need You to Do That...

Via The Dead Pelican, this report that the whole intent of the James O'Keefe caper was to prove that Mary Landrieu's staff was intentionally ignoring phone calls from constituents.

Maybe it's just me, but I think most people already knew that. When I went to the local Tea Party protest in November, I know people had been trying to call Landrieu's office to encourage her not to vote for Obamacare.

This is what I wrote then:

I had heard reports through the day from email and blog comments that the Senate phone lines had crashed, that the lines in Landrieu's offices were continuously busy, and even one story of a constituent, frustrated at not being able to call in, went to Landrieu's office and was ushered out by security and told that "Senator Landrieu is not in the office." The one person working in that office had gone to lunch and would not be back for an hour and a half.

So, really, we didn't need James O'Keefe to go in there and break laws to prove that Landrieu, or anybody else for that matter, was ignoring calls or constituents.

Meanwhile, O'Keefe has been ordered to reside with his parents at least until his next hearing. Horrors.


Chris M. said...

You're 100% right. Everyone knows this goes on (the Senator not taking calls she doesn't want to hear) and we have gotten used to it.
But O'Keefe is 25 and apparently not yet free of the protracted adolescence of so many of today's middle class kids. He's accustomed to being treated with respect or getting redress. I imagine he still thinks he can confront most adults with behavior outside of the social norms and persuade them to change.
He is still learning the limits of his own power. And he still has to learn that many people do not care about ethics and decency. Landrieu bragging about the bribe should have tipped him off. But he is still learning. Apparently some judge will be assisting him with his education.

Red said...

I wish luck to young Mr. O'Keefe. I can recall an impulsiveness and irreverence for authority not so long ago in my own life. It's still an urge I have to fight periodically.

Red said...

James just released a statement on Breitbart's Big Government.