Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News Flash: No More Terrorists in Afghanistan!

Apparently Martha Coakley has the inside scoop that the terrorists have all left Afghanistan, per this from The Weekly Standard:

MODERATOR: “Do you think we should withdraw? [from Afghanistan]”

COAKLEY: “I think we should plan an exit strategy, yes.”

MODERATOR: “And how would we succeed?”

COAKLEY: “I am not sure there is a way to succeed. If the goal was and the vision in Afghanistan was to go in because we believe the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists, we supported that, I supported that goal. They are gone, they are not there anymore, they are in apparently Yemen and Pakistan. Let’s focus our efforts on where Al Qaeda is.”

That's from last night's debate between Coakley and Scott Brown.

So is she suggesting that we invade Yemen and Pakistan? Is she saying we should pull out of Afghanistan, because there aren't anymore terrorists there, and move on out to Yemen and Pakistan?

Because if that's what she's saying, I can see completely why Scott Brown raised over a million dollars yesterday. And with lines like this one, he'll probably keep raising money:

More at Memeorandum.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Martha Coakely is another person who as a child was told she was brilliant and smart and she believed it.

What is it about liberals that keeps them from progressing from childhood make believe to reality?

Do they honestly believe that if you say what you want it will happen? Just close your eyes, tap your heels three times, and say...

Timeshare Jake said...

Congrats on being featured on American Thinker!


Red said...

Congrats! And re: Martha Coakely:

BWahahahahaha! Hope she loses BIG.