Thursday, November 27, 2008

And Now the Tryptophan Kicks In

The Thanksgiving feast is over, the dishes washed and the leftovers stowed away. The teenager is asleep on the sofa in front of the House marathon (he worked 34 hours this week, including 7-1:30 today!) Steve is also horizontal, first working Suduko puzzles and now napping. The Friday sales ads are sitting here waiting to be examined (not that I would get out in that mess for anything in the world.)

I ended up cooking for three rather than nine so the leftovers are plentiful! I didn't know it would actually be three until around 11 this morning at which time I had pretty much prepared everything for nine, just in case. After we ate I took some leftovers to my mom (she wanted to stay in today) and she consumed an entire bowl of sweet potatoes before I even got them to the kitchen.

Even Checkers is sacked out even though she didn't have any turkey. Well, probably one tiny piece. So all in all I guess the day has been okay. Lazy and relaxing! Now I'm looking forward to that apple pie...

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