Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Favorite Beatle

On this day in 2001, my favorite Beatle died of lung cancer. While all my friends swooned over Paul, I loved George.

Here's one of his fun videos:

And by the way, if you ever doubted the science of genetics, check out Dhani Harrison:

This is Dhani and my man Eric Clapton (did I tell you I LOVE Eric Clapton?) playing my favorite George song at the Concert for George one year after his death. Just seeing all these guys on stage together for George is so awesome, given the story. (By the way, Patti Boyd did not attend) The money shot for me is right about 6:01 when Dhani walks over to Eric and thanks him. If you don't get chill bumps somewhere along the way, you don't have a pulse. Watch it. Turn it up LOUD!:

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Anonymous said...

I really didn't have a favorite Beatle, I loved their music, especially their early stuff: P.S. I Love You, I Saw Her Standing There...

Even though I was very young, I remember when they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. My grandmother had a fit, "Look at the hair, they look like girls."

I don't recall what they looked like that night, but looking at pictures their hair was a little over the top of their ears.

I have a great uncle, who is pushing close to 90, who really pitched fit, and probably still does, over the Beatles, and said I don't know how many time he hated the Beatles and their music and would NEVER, NEVER listen to it.

We went somewhere one time and the "elevator" music that was playing was an instrumental of Eleanor Rigby, or something like that. Old Unc was tapping his toe and enjoying the song. I didn't the heart to tell him.