Sunday, November 23, 2008

What was Sinatra Really Like?

Quincy Jones on Frank Sinatra:

What was Sinatra really like?

Sinatra was one of those guys where he liked you or he didn't. So when he asked me to work with him, I got a bit nervous because I'd heard the stories. But we hit it off immediately, and I got to know the Frank that nobody wrote about, the guy who visited Billie Holiday in the hospital to make sure her bills were paid and who took care of Amos and Andy when they were down on their luck. He was a stand-up guy who didn't see color, and that was rare back then.

My mother is still a total groupie for Frank. It's so cute. She has a poster of him hanging on the inside of a closet door in the den. She opens the door sometimes and Frank watches TV with her. So funny.

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