Thursday, November 6, 2008

NOW Brokaw has Questions

From the Charlie Rose Show, Friday night:

Rose: I don't know what Barack Obama's worldview is.

Brokaw: No, I don't either.

Rose: I don't know how he really sees where China is.

Brokaw: We don't know a lot about Barack Obama and the universe of his thinking about foreign policy.

Rose: I don't really know. And do we know anything about the people who are advising him?

Brokaw: You know, that's an interesting question.

Rose: He is principally known through his autobiography and through very aspirational [sic] speeches, two of them.

Brokaw: I don't know what books he's read.

Rose: What do we know about the heroes of Barack Obama?

Brokaw: There's a lot about him we don't know.

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Earth to mainstream media? Were you LISTENING?

The media is just now starting to realize that Mr. Obama may be an enigma. This man who has accomplished nothing but a successful campaign. This conversation between Rose and Brokaw on Friday night illustrates what conservatives have been saying for months. What do we KNOW about Barack Obama? Evan Thomas of Newsweek even said on the same program that "there is a slightly creepy cult aspect to all of this." Well golly darn, wish I'd thought of that one, Evan.

Ok, I said I was going to wait and see what Obama did before I criticized him. But wait, Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff? If you remember him from the Clinton staff, Emanuel is the most leftist, thuggish type of Democrat there is. He has no desire to get along with anyone in a partisan kind of way. He is Chicago old style politics. There is nothing centrist about Emanuel. But, we'll wait and see, right?

And while I'm questioning Obama's initial moves as president elect (and the media's new found awareness of the question mark) what's up with his new dot-gov website? Last time I checked, president-elect is not an official government office which I thought the dot-gov notation meant. And why is the government (as a dot-gov address) accumulating email addresses and information on citizens as a promotional means of staying in touch? Wouldn't Obama's regular website do that? Or is this just a perpetual campaign?

I know some of you are going to say I'm just being negative and am determined not to like him from the start. You may be right - I never pretended to like his ideas and proposals and yes, I'm going to be watching every move he makes. But I think these are legitimate questions and I'm just blown away that the media is now deciding to ask questions. For crying out loud! The media was Obama's unofficial campaign manager/cheerleader! Could we have asked these questions sooner? Like, back in the primaries, even? Before Hillary got dumped on?

(oh god, was I just defending Hillary?)

It will be interesting to see how the media plays out their love affair with Mr. Obama. With the Fairness Doctrine looming overhead I'm sure they will tread with care. And with Emanuel as the point of access, most will be especially careful. Still, the questions remain.


Sarah said...

I am trying hard to be optimistic and take the high road, but something the evil Ann Coulter said today sticks in my mind.

"For now, we have a new president-elect. In the spirit of reaching across the aisle, we owe it to the Democrats to show their president the exact same kind of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican president."

I'm not going to say anything nasty about Obama himself, just yet, but I am not holding back on the rest of the dems.

Pat Austin Becker said...

You're right and I'm thinking of his 11/4 speech when he spoke to those of us who had not voted for him: "I hear your voices, too."

I hope he does. I'm hoping and praying!

Mary Frances Archer said...

the most leftist? YOUR OWN RIGHT WING RADIO HOSTS called him the most moderate Democrat they could have hoped for!!! He is a centrist and let's face - it - Obama is a Democratic - you're not going to get any Democrats you like -NONE - you said Palin wasn't "conservative enough" for you -so you will never be pleased with anyone Obama picks. But god - this soon? Already?

**settles in for a long four years of blogs and just maybe eight**

:| Geez.

Trixie said...

ann coulter...

just on the above comment...can we wait until obama makes a mistake as president until we compare him to GW? He hasnt even taken office yet....or invaded any countries...

dem or republican....we have a new president elect...I just think that we can give him the respect to at least make it past the first 72 hours before attacking. and maybe republicans will take over in 4 years, maybe not. But lets pull together, for the time being, and try to be one nation...

Pat Austin Becker said...


I was mostly criticizing Brokaw and Emanuel just slipped in there.

I'll try not to be vicious on my own blog.

I'll try to be optimistic about a man that I don't think is qualified for the job. I'll try.

I'll try to be nice about a chief of staff that sends dead fish to people he doesn't like.

I'll try to show the same consideration to BHO that was shown to GWB.

I will try not to piss people off.

Anonymous said...

How about just try to be more objective and, from time to time, look in your own backyard, the Republican field. It's not about pissing people off, it's about getting the facts straight. Why is it that none of you had any problems when the media gave a free pass to Bush for so many years or during his campaigns? You were all fine with him dismantling the character of two veterans: McCain and Kerry. You were all ok when media accepted all the lies about the war. Where were you then, patriots?

The second the Republicans will take at least some responsiblity for so many mistakes that they made, I'll be ready to think that they are ready for a common sense disussion. But before that, give me a break!

And if Obama didn't accomplish anything in his life, none of us did. It is time to celebrate not just military heroes, but hard work and intellectual achievments as well. Otherwise, this country will be forced to import gray matter from overseas. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what have you been smoking? I would like have some , so I can see what you're looking at. When has Bush EVER dismantled McCain or Kerry about their service to this country? Maybe their politics, which needed to be dismantled, but never their service to this country.

Are you talking about the same Bush Bias media that tried to belittle Bush about his service in the National Guard? And as a military veteran, and an Army Reservist, I took a hell of a lot of offense to that one, because I knew as a reservist there was a possibility that I could (and was) called (for two years) into active duty.

Are you talking about the same Bush Bias media that before the "Surge" was even implemented in Iraq said "All was lost"?

Are you talking about the same Bush Bias media that would not objectively look into the back ground of Obama, but before he was elected started to back off, just in case he may be a disater for this country, so they would look to be blameless.

Are you talking about the same Bush Bias media that gets "tingly feelings up and down their legs" when Obama speaks.

Please let me know where you're coming from so I can see it too.

By the way, I am not a Republican, and have been pissed off them for years, because for me there is Liberal Democrats and Liberal Democrat Lite (Republicans).

Anonymous said...

Not the other anonymous - He's talking about Bush's vicious attacks on McCain during their primaries. In particular the South Carolina primaries, when Bush's campaign spread rumors that McCain's adopted daughter was the product of an affair with a black prostitute. Its widely known, McCain even acknowledges it. Then of course, we know about his attacks on Kerry during their campaign.

I can only slightly blame Bush, as his presidency has proven that he's been a man who trusted those around him (Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney)and was terribly misled. History will look down upon Bush, but its the triumvirate of Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney that are the real culprits.

Pat Austin Becker said...


How many "Anonymous" people are here?!

Anonymous said...

And I agree with Anonymous. Just be a little more objective. Were you bashing the Bush administration for the past eight years? The Republican party itself has acknowledged that they've lost their way and just led the country through a destructive administration. It would be nice if more of their diehards simply acknowledged the same and moved on with the rest of the country, as opposed to anxiously waiting for the failure of our president-elect, so that they can say "i told you so!" and tout their beloved party.

You won't have to wait long, because Obama WILL have failures, ALL PRESIDENTS DO. But obviously, its in all of our best interest that he succeeds.

Republican or Democrat, you should be rejoicing in the fact that we were alive to experience one of the greatest moments in our country's history. Allow yourself to participate in the swell of optimism and comraderie that MOST Americans are feeling right now, and be proud that the rest of the world is looking at us right now with a sense of admiration and appreciation for the exhibition of our American values. We've exhibited to the world that our belief in equality and opportunity is not just an idea in our Constitution. We've proven, its real. And that's an amazing thing for which we should all be proud. Even if you didn't vote for Obama (or don't like him, that's fine), acknowledge that MOST people in this country, and people all over the world think a wonderful thing has just happened. It would be sad if anyone allowed this moment to pass them by without savoring it because they were too busy chasing rumors and searching for reasons to tear down the guy they didn't vote for.

I voted for Obama, but I really like and admire McCain, and i think he would've been a good president, but you've got to admit that sometimes we need more than just experience. Our greatest leaders didn't rely on their resume, they had an ability to inspire and move people (Kennedy, King, Reagan, to name a few). They all had their flaws and they all made mistakes, but we look back upon them as special leaders at a time when the country needed something more than a resume. Now, i'm not saying that Obama is Kennedy, or King, or Reagan, but you've got to admit that if McCain has never proven to be THAT kind of leader. So in case you're wondering how in the hell Obama could be elected in a landslide; McCain's an honorable man and a true public servant, but maybe the country was looking for something more right now?

Pat Austin Becker said...

I'm not sure why everyone thinks I ought to be objective since I've made it clear from day one that I don't like anything Obama stands for. He'll screw something up just like McCain would have; you're right on that one. Nobody is perfect and we are all human. I don't think Obama is the Messiah. But I can't be objective simply because I've studied him on the issues to much to be so. I don't like his positions.

I'm supposed to like him now for this "kumbaya" moment just because it's "historic?"

I don't care if he is purple, a veteran, a muslim, a jew, a rookie, a christian, an American - WHATEVER he is, I don't like his policies.

I'm glad America has this feel-good moment where everyone can celebrate this historic occasion - I get that. I'm thrilled Oprah is crying and waving flags. However, I think there were other more qualified people - whatever color.

As I've said often, McCain was not my first choice but I liked him on the issues better than I did Mr. Obama.

By the way, I don't consider that Obama was elected in a "landslide" either. Yes, he won, but landslide? Nope.

Anonymous said...

Obamas press conference today really gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling, when I heard, Er, ah, umm, and er, ah, um, er, ah, and umm....

Pat Austin Becker said...

P.S.: When you said "landslide" I just thought popular vote and not electoral. I agree the electoral vote was more one sided than the popular vote. Sorry if I misunderstood that.