Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Political correctness gone too far? You be the judge!

Parents in one California town are clashing over traditional Thanksgiving festivities at the school. One parent is protesting the tradition of kids dressing up in their handmade Indian and Pilgrim costumes, comparing it to making them dress up as slaves & owners or Nazis & Jews. Good grief - get a grip. I don't think your child will be permanently damaged because he wore a construction paper Indian headband.

This is a four decade old tradition in the town, where "kindergartners at Condit and Mountain View elementary schools take annual turns dressing up and visiting the other school for a Thanksgiving feast. This year, the Mountain View children would have dressed as Native Americans and walked to Condit, whose students would have dressed as Pilgrims."

Not this year.

Talk about one person ruining the fun for everyone - Geesh!

(Image credit: Kathleen Lucas: LATimes)

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Anonymous said...

The sad part is the same idiots who preach political correctness are the same idiots who say everyone needs to be tolerant.

Is it any wonder why most people don't take these hypocritical dumb asses seriously.