Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Update

So I got the tree this weekend. And I climbed up in the cedar closet and pulled the boxes of Christmas stuff down. And so it begins. Christmas.

I've got the lights on the tree - that only took five hours and one trip to the store to replace the strings that decided to quit working since last year. While pulling the 9-foot tree inside I seem to have pulled something in my left wrist which makes picking up something like a coke can rather painful and has left my left thumb without any feeling, so I've splinted it and am carrying on. The sprain I can deal with but the thumb thing is rather irritating.

Here 25 days before Christmas, my teenager has decided he wants an expensive gaming laptop for Christmas, going against our previous discussion in which he said, "Really mom, I have everything I want already; we can just keep it simple this year." Right-o.

Steve and I went to Nicky's Mexican Restaurant tonight for dinner - my favorite. I had just settled into my sour cream chicken enchiladas when a woman doused in cheap perfume wafted in and sat three tables over. From then on I could taste nothing but cheap perfume. Bleh. Steve's head began to explode so we gathered take-out boxes, downed our Dos Equis and left. That is my biggest pet peeve - women who wear too much perfume. Only a little bit, ladies. The whole room doesn't have to smell it.

And it is back to school tomorrow; Julius Caesar for the next 3 weeks. Then Christmas vacation! I still have 20 research papers left but I've made some progress, and they weren't all bad.

So that was my weekend! Have I started shopping yet? HECK no! I'm a procrastinator.


Anonymous said...

kanYes, Pat has continued her Christmas tradition, or at least since I've know her, of buyin a tree that only Paul Bunyan could have cut and taken out of the forest.

I did receive the honor of gettting to wrap the last three strand around the top of the tree this afternoon.

I don't know how she does it, but every year, except one, she has the tree in the house and standing before I get there. The year she couldn't, we almost didn't get it in the house.

I wish you would have waited for me to help you get the tree in the house yesterday, so you wouldn't be suffering from "Numb" thumb, or heard my other rhymes. ;)

Sarah said...

Well, it looks pretty! I wish my parents would get a real tree!

Nikki said...

PRETTY!!!! I can't wait to see it. I hope it's still alive when we come.

Nikki said...

Also, I need to know what to get John and Mimearl for Christmas so email me and let me know if you have any thoughts!