Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lucky Les pulls out another one!  Totally heart-stopping, once again!


Jim said...

Yes M'am!

Steve Burri said...

I had to leave for work before the end. I thought L.S.U. had lost. 6 seconds, eh?

Bartender Cabbie said...

He is not afraid to gamble. Whatever one may think of him he does have some cajones.

Andy said...

Pat, I can say this honestly for the first time this season. I really don't think it was "Lucky Les."

Actually (at least in my thinking), it was Lucky Urban. He was lucky that his team was not humiliated for the second straight week. The stat gap was enormous.

I honestly think we gave our best effort of the season. If not for a couple of boneheaded mistakes, Meyer would be feeling the wrath that Lester has...and I'm guilty of that myself.

I am starting to think that we really don't suck. A little fine-tuning, a little more Lee, and like corch Bryant always said, a lil' mo' dissiplin', we might just run the table.