Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Links and the Axis of Fedora

I got all jammed up and busy digging through the antique store this weekend and didn't get to my FMJRA but promise to do a bang-buster one this weekend.  This week looks to be tough because it's the week before Homecoming which means we have to stay at school until 5:30 every day working on decorations.  This makes for twelve hour days which I don't handle very well.


Here's a couple of quick sifts for you until I get my feet back under me:

The Other McCain has accepted my application into the Axis of the Fedora...uh, Fedorables, I mean!

Legal Insurrection is assured that his crystal ball is, in fact, in working order.

Pundette takes a look at the Mark Halperin column that caused such a stir yesterday.

Red is settling into her new digs, passed her test, and is lamenting blogging from the library.  Hang in there girl!

No Sheeples Here is doing a wonderful series of new PhotoShops; love these!  Check it out!

Short, but I've got to run.  I have a meeting at 7:30, classes at 9, decorating at 2:15.  Busy day.  Life is good.  When I get home I'm expecting my selection of Encounter Broadsides in the mail.  I ordered several from Amazon.  Can't wait!


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Our homecoming is next week. I give out extra credit to students who participate in spirit weeks. I give the ROTC kids the extra credit if they are in uniform on the Wednesday of spirit week.

I'm just silly that way...

Bob Belvedere said...

Have a happy Homecoming!

Welcome to the Evil Axis!

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