Saturday, October 23, 2010

FLASH! It Rained in East Texas Today!

I heard LSU got beat today.  Not that I got to see it, or anything.

I missed the first half of the game because my mom had a little meltdown right as the game was about to kickoff, and I had to run out to The Glen and calm her down.  It's ten miles there and ten back, so it took me a little bit.

I finally settled in to watch the third quarter and had a couple more minor interruptions.  I got back in front of the TV with about five minutes left in the third quarter and it started to rain in east Texas. 

About 150 miles from here, it started to rain and a storm warning was issued.  So guess what?  The KSLA weather dude interrupts the game to tell us about the storms in east Texas and Arkansas.  MILES and MILES from here.  Sunny and warm here.  No rain.  No storm warning.  Nothing.  Nada. 

No game, either.

He talked and talked and talked and talked.  I finally pulled out the laptop and watched the last part of the fourth quarter on the CBS website.  Incredible.  Now, I'm not begrudging those people in the path of potentially dangerous weather access to news information or bulletins about impending peril nor do I mean to make light of weather danger.

But, seriously, I mean, could they not scroll the warning information for those affected and put a watch box in the corner?  Noooo....... of course not.  The guy talked all through the fourth quarter.

I'm glad I wasn't on the switchboard at KSLA this afternoon.  There's some ticked off Tiger fans around town now.

Oh well.  At least the Rangers won last night!


G. R. said...

The weatherman seemed nervous due to being inexperienced, not that he didn't know is subject matter, but by not being on tv much. And since it was during a Saturday, I imagine the main weather persons were enjoying a day off, so this Barney Fife of a weatherman saw a chance to prove to his "Andy" he could do the job, and like Barney he went overboard and screwed up.

On another note, I have a feeling that had the game been Texas, and whoever they played, and they interrupted the game, and even for a real tornado in in East Texas, our East Texan friends would have been pissed, too.

Charlene said...

A 60% chance of rain is predicted for Kentucky tomorrow and Monday. I'm looking forward to it!

G. R. said...


You shouldn't have mentioned there's going to be rain in Kentucky. One of our local television stations, KSLA Channel 12, may find out and pre-empt the Saints game tomorrow like they did the whole, and I mean the whole, fourth quarter of the LSU - Auburn game to tell us about a rain cloud that was seen just east of Dallas.

But I'm glad you may get some rain. We're not down here,

Charlene said...

The LSU game was broadcast here. I saw that. SMILE

Laurence L. said...

Good analogy (Barney/Andy). Local podunky class TV station...I guess the production manager/producer at KSLA had the weekend off to the LSU game, lol. That one may be looking at trouble Monday morning, no doubt the sponsors are giving an earful too.

But, as it was, the 4th quarter wasn't really worth watching anyway, unless you just like seeing LSU be completely dominated, ney, wiped out by Auburn, who totally outclassed them and made 'em to look like the grand fools of football. Now--we know the players are better than that, but they didn't even know where to stand on some of the plays that were being called by--The Coach.

That guy must have some major closet info on the LSU staff for him to STILL have his job.

Anonymous said...

But today they are scrolling the warning across the Saints game

Anonymous said...

KSLA's weather guys have done this for a few years. My wife was hooked on the CBS series "Jericho" about 4 years ago. During the last episode, the one where the entire plot is exposed, the weatherman came on for the last 45 minutes of the program and did exactly what happened during the LSU-Auburn game Saturday. She had to watch it on HULU the next day. Although that was not a football game of significant importance as this one, it still drives home the point. I believe KSLA's weathermen really enjoy pissing off as many people as possible. I like CBS' programming, but I won't watch KSLA's news broadcasts because I can't stand to look at and listen to the weather guys. Ron Young is exempt from this comment. He is too experienced to do something this asinine.