Monday, October 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Perfectly spot on by Ed Morrissey...

No, but when you can get the rest of the farm chasing Snowball, it certainly provides a distraction from actual misery, doesn’t it? reference, of course, to Mark Halperin's rude awakening that Obama might be in over his head after all.

 Halperin laments:

But Obama has exacerbated his political problems not just by failing to enact policies that would have actually turned the economy around, but also by authorizing a series of tactical moves intended to demonize Republicans and distract from the problems at hand. He has wasted time lambasting his foes when he should have been putting forth his agenda in a clear, optimistic fashion, defending the benefits of his key decisions during the past two years (health care and the Troubled Asset Relief Program, for example) and explaining what he would do with a re-elected Democratic majority to spur growth.

Throughout the year, we have been treated to Obama-led attacks on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Congressman Joe Barton (for his odd apology to BP), John Boehner (for seeking the speakership — or was it something about an ant?) and Fox News (for everything). Suitable Democratic targets in some cases, perhaps, but not worth the time of a busy Commander in Chief.

 As Morrissey notes, it's not like we didn't try to tell you.

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OldSouth said...

The gentleman was over his head during his days in the state senate of Illinois.

The editors of Time and like outlets have much to answer for in their blind adulation of the man.

Politics aside, the more pressing question for us all is: How do we as a nation undo what he has done, pick up and forge ahead without and in spite of him?

It feels like a replay of 1974 as the Nixon Administration melted down.

Heaven help us one and all.