Sunday, October 31, 2010

Profiles of the Shreveport Mayoral Candidates?

I don't take the print version of the Shreveport Times, so please tell me if I'm missing something.  They've been touting all week their upcoming profiles of Bryan Wooley and Cedric Glover which was to run today.

What I read online could hardly be considered a definitive profile of either candidate.  In the Wooley profile, I'm told that Wooley hits the gym at 6:30, we learn about his workout routine, his weight, that he eats a "hardy" breakfast (as opposed to a hearty one, I presume), that he likes The Wizard of Oz and that his dad used to check on him at night when he was a child.  The last paragraph gets down to any meat there is, and we learn then that he abandoned spiky hair, took an online speech class, and a quote from Wooley saying he wants to kill stereotypes.

Okay.  So we get to the Glover profile and we learn that he can write upside down, he's a little freaked out by social media, he left Grambling to care for his aging parents, sold cars, and still gets nervous in front of big crowds.  Again, the meat is supposedly in the last paragraph and we learn that after his mayoral life he will still be involved in civic affairs.

Wow.  What in depth profiles.

Nothing on the issues. 

Seriously, did I miss it?  Was there more in the print edition?  Because if this is all Shreveport voters are going to get from The Times to make their choices from, it's pretty weak.


Jim said...

I thought the same thing. I usually like Adam Causey's coverage of city hall, but I thought this was more than just a fluff piece, it was strange in its lack of substance.
Perhaps that is the Gannett approach.
I think one thing that has been underplayed is the influence of Keith Hightower and Greg Tarver in the race. Since their hand-picked candidate Roy Burrell didn't make the runoff, that support has gone to Wooley.
Why? Because Glover wouldn't play ball with Hightower when he was on the council and voted against the Hotel financing among other things.
There are undercurrents in every election, but this one is exceptional.
It's a shame that The Times didn't delve into it in more depth.

Laurence L. said...

ST has always been weak, it has been that way at least as long as I have been coming around here. It's kind of like the square under the Texas St. bridge; every thirty years or so someone tries to inject some new life money and effort into it but it always goes belly up eventually.

Even mother ship NYT/Gannet is doing the belly dance.

All the pride in this town you'd think would be reflected in it's local paper but it never has been. Instead ST celebrates its agony with a 'new improved' mini-version and tells us how much better it is. Other than local sports and entertainment schedules, it's only good for obits.

Thank God for the internet.

G.R. said...

This nation's media, (including the press) has been in decline for years, and The Shreveport Slimes has been in decline even longer.
The Weekly Readers I used to get in elementary school over 40 years ago contained more fact worthy news than today's Slimes.

Now about Wooley liking the "Wizard of Oz", I now have to clean up the coffee that I sprayed all over from when I broke out laughing. I won't say it, because I'll be accused of making comments about his stature. I won't say it, but it did come to mind.

Rex Moncrief said...

I almost puked reading both articles. There is nothing else I can really say about them.

(starts humming Puff the Magic Dragon)

Laurence L. said...

Cedric the Entertainer vs. Wooley Booley.

Sorry could not resist that one...

OK, next post please. :)

Andy said...

G.R., I'll go ahead on and say it, because you are too much of a gentleman.

Definitely one of the "Lollipop Guild."

Pat, it must just fry the 'taters of an English teacher to reed whut stupposed Junalist majurs come up wif. I know it fries mine.

HA! My word verification is whatinda

And, I'm pretty ignurnt.

That is definitely poor work, from a poor newspaper. I actually unsubscribed to the Times about 12 years ago. Shazzzaaaaam! It's a miracle that I am even somewhat informed without them.

They can't go belly-up fast enough, as far as I'm iz cunsurrned.

Anonymous said...

Andy, what on earth are you referring to? Lollipop Guild? Bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!
Then there's the mayor of Munchkinland.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why I'm showing up as the Blue Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I feel very sorry for the citizens of Shreveport with the result of the Mayoral race... Get outta there while you still can!!!