Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

Surely he checked this out first, eh?  I mean, c'mon....

Rahm is a lot of things but inept wasn't on my list.  Into the campaign less than a week and two missteps already? 

This ought to be fun.

Anybody want to make odds on what a judge's ruling on this will be?

(HT:  Memeorandum)


Charlene said...

What I find so encouraging in news this week is that TARP has ended. A very high percentage of the money spent has been repaid and the government accounting office says it will only cost us $50 billion from the original $700 billion originally proposed by President George Bush during his last month in office and enacted during the first quarter of President Barack Obama's term.

AIG says they will pay back the money the got, and if that happens the country will have made a profit from the TARP.

G. R. said...

Let me get this right. So if TARP was proposed by Bush, was the "profit" for the country George Bush's fault, too?