Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can You Decipher the Proposed Amendments?

Who in the world writes these amendments?

Louisiana voters have five amendments to consider this Saturday.  This is the first one:

To dedicate funds for the TOPS program relative to the portion of the monies deposited in and credited to the Millennium Trust each year from the Tobacco Master Settlement, to provide that once the balance in the Millennium Trust reaches a total of one billion three hundred eighty million dollars, one hundred percent of the annual Settlement Proceeds shall be allocated to the TOPS Fund to support state programs of financial assistance for students attending Louisiana postsecondary education institutions; to provide relative to the rate of tax on certain tobacco products and beginning July 1, 2012, to dedicate such tobacco revenues to the Health Excellence Fund to be used for the purposes of the fund, including providing for the optimal development of Louisiana's children through the provision of appropriate health care and providing health care initiatives through innovation in advanced health care sciences; to provide for the deposit, transfer, or credit of certain monies in the Millennium Trust to the Health Excellence Fund, the Education Excellence Fund, and the TOPS Fund. (Amends Article VII, Section 10.8(A)(1)(c), (A)(2), (3), and (4), and (C)(1) and adds Article VII, Section 4.1)

I'll spare you the rest of them, but they are here if you can decipher them. 

A good grammarian is in order.

If you're confused on the amendments, bone up on what they're about here at The Public Affairs Research Council  (PDF - 23 pgs.)  and see their recommendations.  C. B. Forgotston also has recommendations.    Short, sweet and in plain English.

There are a number of other local and statewide elections this Saturday including Bobby Jindal's re-election bid and various Senate races.  Get out and vote before the LSU/Auburn game!


Kartman said...

Thank you for linking to those two sites. They were very helpful when deciding how to vote. I am not smart enough to read these things and know what they mean.

Fenway_Nation said...

Awesome! I gotta admit that aside from knowing who Landreau and Jindal are, I'm not up on my Louisiana politics, but I do looove me some Gil Elvgren