Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She Says "No!"...And Now The Quest For the Palin Endorsement Begins

She's not running.  

The field is set.

So who will get her endorsement?

UpdateProfessor Jacobson:

Palin had the opportunity to be a game-changer in the direction of this country; someone who really understood at a gut level how far down the road we are on the path to a country we will not recognize; someone who understands that the political class holds the country by the throat, and that removing the grip is necessary not just changing who holds the grip.

Statement here.

Audio here.

Memeorandum thread.


My guess is that Cain benefits the most from her absence. Like her, he’s a Beltway outsider, and like her, he seems like a real person, not a talking-points machine like the Romneybot or a back-slapping gladhander like Perry. Authenticity has always been key to Palin’s appeal among her supporters and that’s Cain all over.

And Rick Perry is first out of the gate with a statement.

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