Thursday, October 20, 2011

Local Authors to Hold Book Signing

Recently I recommended a new author to my reading readers:  Michael Henry.

Both stories are tightly spun and are impossible to put down once you've started.  Willie Mitchell is described as "the last elected white politician in Yaloquena County"; he is as intriguing and believable a character as I've seen lately.  He's likable and smart, yet has faults like everyone else.  He jogs, he shops at the Jitney Mart with his iPod and a tumbler of vodka, he's happily reunited with the love of his life after "three bad years" of separation, and he's smart as a whip in the courtroom.

I've now read three of his four books and want to reiterate my recommendation - Mr. Henry, and his son who co-writes with him, are fine writers.

And now, Shreveporters, you'll have the chance to meet Michael and William Henry at Barnes & Noble on Youree Drive, Saturday, November 5.  Mr. Henry has written to let me know that they'll be there signing books at 1:00.

You have to read them in order; I'm a stickler for such things.  Start with Three Bad Years, then At Random, and on to The Ride Along and D.O.G.s

I've just finished The Ride Along and think it is just as good as the first two, although I will say I'm still more into the character of Willie Mitchell more so than his son Jake.  Maybe it's an age thing; maybe I relate to him more.  But, the addition of Jake and the Special Forces operative David Dunne (Jake's mentor) is a natural progression of the story line and I'm good with it.  Mr. Henry promises that the next novel will center around Willie Mitchell and his hometown of Sunshine and I'm excited about that!  Willie Mitchell is a well developed character with enough faults and flaws to seem like someone you might actually know.

I've enjoyed the southern flavor of the novels and I like the fact that Mr. Henry is a local author.  I promise you, if you like John Grisham, James Lee Burke and/or Michael Connelly, you won't be disappointed. 

Start your Christmas shopping early and pick up signed copies of all four of the Henry novels!  As for the rest of you, Amazon is a wonderful thing and helps support this blog.

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