Monday, October 24, 2011

Readings on Bobby Jindal

Over the weekend I alluded to, and quoted from, a National Review article about La.Governor Bobby Jindal.  The article has hit their homepage today so I want to go ahead and link to it.

Writer Jim Geraghty extols Bobby Jindal's virtues and his successes, but not everyone in Louisiana feels this way, which I'll work up for you in a later post.

I'll also point out Jazz Shaw's comments over at Hot Air on Jindal's re-election.

Both articles are worth your time this morning.

I know at least one person who didn't vote for Jindal.  If you're from Louisiana, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments about Jindal's work for our state.  Did you vote for him?  


Anonymous said...

If Jindal's ethics reform was so good and so needed, then where are all the ethics violations? Did all the politicians in the State stat traveling the straight and narrow after the ethics reform was passed? Doubtful.

I seem to recall the ethics admin reporting that there were barely enough staff to respond to all the campaign violations, much less any other ethics violations.

david7134 said...

Jindal summed up his political ideas in one of his election ads. It went something like "more government for less money". I don't think he understands that a conservative wants less government.

As to the ethics, my experience with this is that the ethics board is there to bother the employees of the state, not the politicians.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for him this time. I couldn't pull any of the levers for Democrats but I didn't vote for him either. Most of the People running/re-elected are recycled Democrats. So many of them used to be Democrats even up to 12 years ago. It's sad, I'm getting lackadaisical about State Politics because it's the old adage, "We have the best Govt. money can buy". Can't wait for 2012 but this state race had me there for mostly the amendments.

Andy said...

Pat, I will not go through the laundry list of reasons that I feel like my vote for Jindal last time was without a doubt the most disappointing of my voting life.

From having to twist his scrawny arm to veto the obscene legislative pay raise, to gutting ethics enforcement, he has proven that he is a poser.

But, maybe this will 3:00 pm today on KEEL's top of the hour news I heard that Bobby is supporting John Alario to be the President of the LA Senate. John Alario...




Jindal just sucks! I campaigned for Bobby. I sent him hard-earned dollars. I pinned hopes for reform on him. I hired him to go to Baton Rouge, and beat the snot out of the crowd that has destroyed my beloved Louisiana. Here he goes supporting one of the chief malefactors. He has let me down at every turn.

John Alario. Really? Really.

I do not care what national pundits say, or think about Jindal. They don't live here, and all they know is what his office releases...which is mostly twisted stats & fabricated hopes. I would challenge any defender to show me proof that his tenure has improved ethics, education, etc.

I could not, and will NOT EVER pull the lever for him.