Monday, October 31, 2011

Live Blogging Trick or Treating

So far not one kid.  Am I going to have to eat all this candy myself?

6:45:  We saw Captain America and a sperm walking across the street.  They didn't cross over.

6:55:  We had a cute gangster girl come by and hop out of her mom's SUV.  

7:10:  Yeah.  We're done.  When the carloads of 18 year olds that haven't even bothered to dress up start showing up, I'm done.  If you're going to go trick or treating, at least paint your face or get a mask.  Some attempt at a costume is mandatory.

Halloween isn't what is used to be.



Adrienne said...

I would have come for the Twix! We live on a private road with three other houses - each with 5 acres. We have no trick or treaters.

I'm really kind of glad. Fourteen years ago when we were living in a neighborhood, our candy bill came to close to %50.00.

Mike Thiac said...

That's about what I paid this year...and I'm glad I picked up one last bag tonight when I went past Sams.

Now to snuggle up with the Steve Jobs bio and my wifie...

Nitie Nitie...

Tina said...

Oh bummer! On the coast, we never had any trick or treaters. When we lived in Midland, it was impossible to predict how many kids would come - some years nada, others a bunch.

The date falling on a Monday may have affected it.

Here, in our little Mayberry time warp, everybody still gets out and about. We had about 65 children this year, down from around 100 the past two, when the date was on a weekend. That's about 25% of the total population. One old timer told me they still make popcorn balls to give out!