Saturday, October 22, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Louisiana Election 2011 Edition

I'm overdue for a FMJRA and so while I'm sitting here watching LSU pound Auburn and waiting for The Texas Rangers to pound St. Louis, why not take a whirl around the blogosphere and see what people are talking about?

In possibly the most bizarre story of the week, Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's blog reports on "the Syrup Six":

Amid the chaos of war, economic hardship, moral decay, crony capitalism, graft and corruption, is there any more refreshing way to kick off a weekend than by finding out that there are still at least a half dozen members of the US Senate who haven’t lost track of the real problem? I’m of course referring to a scourge that is ripping apart the fabric of this nation: fake maple syrup...

That's sort of funny, really.  It explains why when we were in Jefferson last weekend at the Blackburn's outlet, there was a gentleman in there who held aloft a bottle of maple syrup to show his wife.  "Is it real, or fake, do you think?"  he asked, with amusement in his voice.  

American Power anticipates a smack down by Michelle Malkin of Bill Maher and "the progressive hacks."

The Pirate's Cove has another reason to hoard incandescent light bulbs.

Kick up your heels a little bit over at Paco's.

The Camp of the Saints refuses to accept the inevitability of Mitt.

Legal Insurrection has a report on OccupyDallas.

The Other McCain analyzes Rick Perry's new campaign strategy which seems to include dismantling everyone and turning negative.

Speaking of Herman Cain (and The Other McCain was in the above link), Pundette had a great column this week on Cain.  Pundette, like me, previously was looking seriously at Rick Perry.  And now?  Well, I don't think she's looking at Cain:

Cain's utter lack of knowledge disqualifies him for the office of president. And vice president, too, really. (Sure, he's vastly superior to the vile buffoon currently holding the office, but who isn't?)

Speaking of Joe Biden (and Pundette was...),  Bride of Rove has a thing or two to say about his "rape" comments:

Something tells me that Joe should stop promoting the “Jobs” bill as way to reduce the number of rapes here in the US. Work doesn’t stop a rapist from raping, it just limits the time a rapist has to case out victims and rape them. But if the rapist is hanging out with the OWSers, then the bounty of opportunities appear to be limitless AND, strangely enough, their activities are blessed by the head rapist himself, Obama.

I'm fascinated by the news that Andy did not vote for Bobby Jindal today.  I'm guessing Andy didn't read "The Storm-Calmer" in the latest print edition of National Review by Jim Geraghty in which Geraghty writes:

"Jindal's record has been exemplary:  transforming the state's reputation on ethics and corruption, enacting dramatic cuts in spending without provoking much public outcry, implementing careful reforms to Louisiana's unique traditional methods of provide health care, creating jobs, overhauling the state's schools, and finally, knowing how to deal with crises."
(Subscribe to the digital edition of NRO here).

And so, speaking of Louisiana's election day (and Andy was...), I'm signing off to get dinner ready, get ready for the Rangers game, and election night coverage.  LSU seems to have Auburn in hand.


Jim said...

Can Andy read?

Andy said...

No, but I will get The Mrs. to read it to me.

I indeed did not vote for Jindal. And, I daresay there were tens of thousands just like me that ain't buyin' what he's sellin' as "reform."

But, that's not the real reason. In a moment of weakness, Charlene talked me in to voting for Nikki Bird.

I'm weak.

Sorry about your Rangers losing again, Pat. I would like to root for them, but they are from Texas, and it goes against all I hold sacred to root for a sports team from Texas.


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Bob Belvedere said...

A very belated 'Thank You' for the linky love, Pat.